Rising Junior - visiting soon

<p>Question for currrent JMU students and their parents - planning to take my son to visit later this month. (Yes, I know summer visits are not perfect, but we are close enough to visit a second time when school is in session if he likes what he sees this month). My primary concern with JMU has to do with housing and the party reputation. I have read through some of the older threads - but would appreciate some anecdotes - has housing worked out for you? Was it ever a big problem? Did you find there were plenty of reasonably serious students and that the party image was overblown? Or is it really an out of control party school? My son might be a business major. Thanks for any input you can provide. Would you recommend JMU or not? We live in Maryland - son is a B+ student. Thanks.</p>

<p>I'm in Maryland too. My D is a music major at JMU. She never had a problem with housing. She was in Potomac freshman year and loved that it was new and had AC, but it was quite a hike to the music building. She says that at least she stayed in good shape with all the walking. Your S would love living on that side of campus, though, especially with the new dining hall there. The food is great. She decided to stay on campus for sophomore year and loved living in The Village. She has an apartment for next year and is excited about that too. She is back there this weekend visiting friends who are staying over the summer. Music majors don't tend to party as hard as others - they just can't do it and maintain the schedules they have to keep - so she has lots of friends who are not big partiers. She has lots of friends who are serious students - as is she. Her friends did not participate in the spring mess that made the news. They wanted no part of it. Partying is an issue and a lot will depend on who your S gets to know freshman year. The business school is challenging and the kids who party too much and aren't serious won't get in. He may have to seek out like minded kids but there are plenty of them there. I can tell you that JMU was not high on my D's list until she visited and was struck by how happy the kids are there. There is lots of school spirit and it's hard to pry any of them away for the weekend. There are lots of activities provided that don't involve partying. Of course, it's not a fit for everyone and you will likely get posts about that too. </p>

<p>As an aside, when you're there, don't depend on the chains off 83 for food. Venture into town - there are some really good restaurants. I would advise you to have a meal in the new dining hall but I don't think it is open for the summer.</p>

<p>I teach at JMU. I do not see JMU as an "overblown party school"... are there parties.... yes... but there will be parties at most colleges (I went to Syracuse for undergrad and Penn State for graduate school, so I have seen parties :)). There are kids who party a lot and kids that do not party a lot. I agree with cantera45 that he should be able to find like minded peers and things to do on the weekends that do not involve out of control partying. </p>

<p>As a side note the average admitted student GPA for admitted freshmen (entering in 2009) was a 3.7 with a rigorous HS course load.... so, most students at JMU had at least a B+ average in HS. </p>

<p>Hope you enjoy your visit. I know lot of my advisees are on campus this summer taking classes over "May-mester" through 6/11. I am sure that they are not the ONLY students who chose to take some summer classes, so may find more students on campus than you think, although NOTHING like during the regular academic year. The student body is incredibly friendly and energetic, and the students seem genuinely happy there for the most part. </p>

<p>Have a great visit!</p>

<p>Thank you both for the input - we are looking forward to our visit at the end of June. Kat - I'm not sure if the 3.7 you mentioned is weighted or unweighted - my son has about a 3.6 unweighted and about a 4.0 weighted with many honors classes and he will have at least 2 APs by graduation - so I think he fits JMU's profile ok, from what I have seen on Naviance. But I do know that it is getting more competitive to gain admission every year.</p>

<p>I think the 3.7 is unweighted? But am not sure. </p>

<p>I was just mentioning it as an indication that he would not be out of place at JMU as a student who did well in HS with a rigorous HS course load. Have a great visit!</p>