Rising Trend means go RD?

<p>I have a rising trend. Stanford is my first choice school. Should I wait for 1st semester grades to factor in or should I apply SCEA? I will take the SAT 2's in November.</p>

<p>If it matters my rank is in the 2nd 5% but its possible (not likely) that I can get into the straight 5% by 2nd Semester.</p>

<p>Wait I just remebered. My teacher made a mistake that was later corrected. Still my rank won't be fixed until 2nd Semester. I guess I have to wait and go RD.</p>

<p>Sure, do RD. I don't know if it's "easier" to get in early; even though the acceptance rate is higher, the applicant caliber is also likely higher. Just do what you think is best.</p>

<p>If you do SCEA, you'll be competing against godly applicants.</p>

<p>Do RD.</p>

<p>They can't all be godly.</p>

<p>Your stats are godly to me, julyinoh :D.</p>

<p>And there will be thousands of students like you competing for SCEA spots...</p>