Risk of failing - should notify?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>So by some freak occurrence, it looks like some classes I thought I was doing well, I may be very close to failing. (I love teachers who don't type in grades until well after the assignment is completed...)</p>

<p>I want to protect my Davis admission as much as possible, and I'm working hard to try to not fail. The thing is, should I alert Davis on the possibility of me failing and getting a D, but that I'm currently doing everything I can to get it up to a C, and if I can't get a C, I'll take summer school to make up the credit anyway? </p>

<p>I'm not really sure if I'll even fail in the first place, but I heard if you notify them ASAP, they may look upon you more kindly.</p>

<p>Any advice? Please and thank you!</p>

<p>if u were my child (well, to be honest, this isn't likely to have happened with my child. i pounded it into his head to check with his teachers every two weeks to ask what his current grade in the class is!) i'd advise u to go speak with your teachers ASAP. make sure u know exactly where u CURRENTLY stand in their classes, and explicitly ask them "what do i need to do to bring my grade to a ___ in your class?" </p>

<p>when u say "failing", do you mean a D/F? or are u scared that your A/B average has dipped to a C? u don't have to answer this online, but this makes a difference with UC admissions. i think (and i am not an employee in admissions at any UC, so verify this!) u'll be okay with Cs, but that any Ds or certainly Fs will cause your admission to be rescinded. can anybody verify this?</p>

<p>so, speak with your teachers immediately! e-mail if possible (due to the long weekend), but certainly get in there and talk with them in person as well. </p>

<p>and take this as a lesson to stay on top of your grades. u won't want any 'surprises' in college!</p>

<p>That's very rude for you to assume that I did not keep on top of my grades with my teachers, when in fact I HAVE been checking every two weeks, and they are the ones who said "please check with me later about your grades." There is also no need to compare and brag about your parenting skills, as if my parents raised an inferior child. I also do not appreciate your assumptions, and I hope that you'd be more forgiving and less critical in the future the next time someone asks for help.</p>

<p>For any future reader of this post, I'll suggest this:</p>

<p>1) Call the UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions office, and talk to them specifically about what your admissions contract is. I found out that my admissions contract was specified for me to only have passing grades, no failing grades, and nothing else regarding a GPA requirement.</p>

<p>2) Always assume that D's and F's will get you rescinded. That's like the one definite thing you can do. If you are planning on dropping a class, tell them that before the end of first semester, explain why, and they'll forgive you.</p>

<p>And for my personal situation, I was only wondering if it was necessary to talk about my grades dipping to a C, but the admissions counselor said it was unnecessary, you only need explanations for failing grades/changing exams/dropping classes.</p>