<p>Suppose you have a choice: you can either take a relatively easy math test and if you pass your rank will go up by about ~2%. If you fail, you lose your 4.0. Else, you can not take the math test, keep the 4.0 but settle for the lower rank. The test is relatively simple (it's on geometry), but it can be graded relatively subjectively.
What do you do?</p>



<p>So I keep my 4.0 and improve my rank if I get anything other than an F? I’ll take it.</p>

<p>Sorry; by fail I meant get a B…</p>

<p>Sorry, for a second I forgot what website I was on.</p>

<p>Depends. What’s your current average, and have you gotten mostly As?</p>

<p>I’d go for it. Math is easy, math is fun, solve the equation and then you’re done.</p>

<p>It’s a 4.0 and it’ll (most likely) stay a 4.0 w/out taking this test.
Yes math is easy; I’ve never scored under a 94 on a final and I’m taking PreCalc as a freshman. Plus I do math competitions (and am decently good at them). But geometry can be so subjective! Is it worth the risk?</p>

<p>“But geometry can be so subjective!”</p>

<p>What does that even mean? No it can’t.</p>

<p>If you can get a 4.0 without taking it I don’t see why it’s worth the effort to take it. You’re a freshman. There’s going to be a lot of separation in the class rank over the next few years and you don’t have to do it. You’re clearly very nervous about the prospect of scoring badly and hurting your rank. I wouldn’t bother taking it in your situation.</p>

<p>Yes; proofs and constructions (and showing work; it’s not multiple choice) can be up to the grader.
Yeah I’m nervous, but math is my strongest subject… Everyone (GC, vice-principal, math teacher) expects me to get an A but I’m very nervous…</p>

<p>if you know it you know, just be careful.</p>

<p>It’s supposed to be untimed, so I can rule out silly mistakes…</p>

<p>Take the risk. The difference between success and mediocrity is usually small, the 1 or 2% that you seek to gain. Letting your own insecurities prevent you from taking an opportunity is far worse a failure than a B on a math test.</p>

<p>Yes, but this not just a math test; it’s a high-stakes exam that could break my GPA… At least that’s what I’m making it into. I’ve never feared a math test before…</p>

<p>Just take it lol, if you’ve never gotten close to a B, then what makes this time any different? Also, dude get used to fearing things, you’ll never be comfortable with every experience of your life. Hell, we all fear many tests/exams we take and we go through with it because we have to. You’ll feel much better once it’s all over and you have the A.</p>

<p>“Sorry; by fail I meant get a B…”</p>

<p>Done with life</p>

<p>To OP… I understand that you’re really concerned about your GPA, but what you need to understand (and what every single senior will confirm) is that you’re only a freshman, and over the next few years there is going to be A LOT of separation and changes in everyone’s GPA/class rank. Things will fluctuate a lot as students begin taking higher level classes (or not taking them) and it is inevitable that a B will pop up here or there. So at this point, if I were you, I’d keep the GPA as is and let it go. A lot will change over the next several years…</p>

<p>I don’t take the test. I’ve never been much of a risk taker. :slight_smile:
And, well, I like my 4.0.</p>



<p>Hahahaha, I died. </p>

<p>OP, if you’re only a freshman, then you should know that everything will change in the next four years. The quick and easy answer? Take the class and get an A. Not possible? Take a rigorous class in a different field and get an A. You want to keep up your class rank, GPA, and course rigor. (Not in that order)</p>

It’s a little different than what I think you think… By taking the test, I lose a non-honors-weighted credit and get a honors-weighted credit. Thus, just substituting this test for another class won’t achieve the same amount (or even close) in terms of class rank…
Plus the credit is for two semesters.</p>

<p>So GC signed me up; I still have the option to cancel…
I’m so scared…</p>

<p>Some people really need to figure out how to relax…</p>