<p>I have had serious writer's block for my college essay. In fact, it was due for my high school back in May... oops. Recently, I came up with the idea to write an essay about how my experience at a "Take Back the Night" event (a rally for awareness for sexual abuse) and my experience at an all girls school has changed my view on feminism. Do you think this is risky? Or do you think it doesn't tell enough about me? I'm really stuck on this! Please help!</p>

<p>My first choice is University of Richmond if that makes any difference.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any thoughts?</p>

<p>It's not the topic, it's what you do with the topic.</p>

<p>Choose a topic that allows you to write the most personal, detailed, and revealing essay. The essay that is so you that no one else could write it.</p>

<p>Regarding Take Back the Night. This is a good example. If the essay mainly talks about awareness of sexual abuse, things that most people know or could know, then it won't distinguish you from other applicants. However, if the essay goes into something specific to you pertaining to this event--something personal, detailed, and revealing--then it likely will distinguish you from others. It will reveal you.</p>

<p>Your idea about feminism in the context of a girls school could also be good--but, again, the overall thrust of the essay should be about you--not about feminism in the abstract, not without details about you.</p>

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<p>Thanks! I was thinking about tying together my experience at an all girls school and take back the night together and how both experiences changed me. I'm just afraid its going to get wordy.</p>

<p>In reference to your first question, it doesn't seem to be that risky at all.</p>