Risley Hall layout

My daughter moves into Risely Hall on the 17th! Trying to find any information about the layout of dorms so we have an idea of what we are dealing with. We have heard that the rooms in Risley are all different depending on what wing you are in, etc.
Looking for any resource that would allow us to see dimensions for a particular room on the fourth floor.
Any help would be appreciated!

Have you tried emailing the residence? Sometimes they will give out room dimensions. risley@cornell.edu

Wasn’t paying attention to posts here and too late now. Still, as I’m sure you’ve learned, each room in Risley is unique. My son had two very different rooms there for his four years. One had the closet outside in the hall (his room key opened it, too). The other was twice the size of the first room. Both were singles. I hope your daughter loves it there as much as we did! Good luck to her!

Thanks for the responses. Good idea to email the residence, which we didn’t think of in time…
In any case, she loves her room. Got lucky with a high floor and two windows for lots of light! Most importantly… roommate is great.
Still early, but she says Risley is great so far. Loves having the dining hall right downstairs (Hogwarts style)
She was a little concerned about living in a dorm including upperclassmen but it turns out that it is mostly frehmen. She has also gotten a ton of advice about getting around on the buses and other important things from the sophomores on the floor.

We actually loved the mix of years in Risley. My son was only 16 when he started there, and it gave him lots of more experienced students to turn to for advice. A freshman only dorm is nice, since they all start out at the same point. Still, Risley has much to offer. He was happy to live there for four years. It’s really convenient.

My son loved Risley, had a huge double then single. Great friends.
Only 2 problems.

Cafeteria went gluten free, taste free too.
Rumors circulating that Risley is scheduled for demolition. Terrible if true.