RIT Class of 2025 — Decision Date: By mid-March

There was an email about update and then info on the portal front page but link to see the decision letters.

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Daughter was accepted, given the presidential scholarship (says its their most prestigious), but the award amount is 19K per year.

While always honored and appreciative of acceptances and merit, the offers from RPI and WPI were better, so puts RIT on the outside looking in right now. My daughter really did like their program so we’re a little disappointed.

Edited to add: major is game design and 3d art.

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Got accepted for Public Policy yesterday w/$15k presidential scholarship!

  • ACT: 34
  • No rank
  • UW GPA: 2.96
  • Sophomore level standing at local community college (GPA 3.2)
  • Tons of leadership/political engagement ECs

Definitely a surprise considering my stats, but heard they are trying to attract LA students. Congrats to everyone accepted!

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DD 21 accepted Biomedical Engineering w/ $16000 presidential scholarship

W GPA 4.0
ACT 30, SAT 1360
Lots of AP/Honors/Dual credit classes
Varsity swimming four years and heavily involved in music program

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Accepted with presidential scholarship

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Accepted w/ $90,000 Presidential Scholarship

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accepted with 22,500/year presidential scholarship

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$90000! That’s sweet! Ours is only $16k, so it’s still too expensive for us.

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Accepted with 90k total presidential scholarship. Still expensive option for me. Bioinformatics with molecular genetics option. Anyone out there with the same major?

Do you think I can get more being a NMF?

You may be there but never hurts to call! from RIT merit page, “Admitted freshmen who are National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) finalists and name RIT as their 1st choice school with NMSC. Recipients receive highest value of Presidential Scholarship.”

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@csbound - If you do reach out to RIT, please let us know how it goes. I am interested to know. Thanks.

I am not reaching out to them. It is @sleepyjoe who was asking! I was familiar with it as I had researched it for my commended scholar!

oops sorry.

@sleepyjoe - Please let us know if you do reach out to RIT. Thanks.

Accepted into Computer Science with a Presidential Scholarship of $19k per year.

CGPA 4.0
SAT 1530
Good ECs

i know it’s a bit late in the process to ask but does anyone know if RIT requires mid-year grades to be sent for RD?
i asked my counselor to send them but i don’t think she has so i’m wondering whether that would hold up my decision or automatically make me not able to be considered for admission at all

Son was accepted earlier this evening (came in around 7pm CST) Got the email. Checked the portal. Watched the video and read the acceptance letter…except there was no link to merit award. Was this a fluke or was no merit awarded? We figure if there’s no link by Thursday, he can email his admissions advisor. Otherwise I guess we wait for his FA package to come in March.

In the portal where he saw the video and acceptance letter, scroll to the very bottom. My kid had two links…one for a pdf of the acceptance letter, and another separate letter for scholarship merit notification.

Good luck!

Where are you logging in to see these acceptances? I assume the main RIT status portal? RIT is one of my sons top 3 but not sure the merit money will be enough to balance out the cost. It is crazy expensive and he has great offers from other schools that make it manageable. Not sure RIT is worth the added expense.

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My son got an email last night that an update had been posted to his portal. He wasn’t expecting to hear anything until March as he applied RD.