RIT Class of 2025 — Decision Date: By mid-March

Hi, everyone!

I haven’t seen an Rochester Institute of Technology Regular Decision thread for Class of 2025 (HS Class of '21) on here, so I thought I’d create one!

Feel free to talk anything RIT and/or share your stats if you’d like!

Hoping to hear back from them soon! Likely letter that came in said February, so I hope it would be before schools going into winter break. RIT is really high on my list so hoping for a positive response!

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Got a letter from RIT admissions today in regular mail, hoping for a “likely letter.” It was some marketing nonsense about their dual degree programs. Do they really need to be sending such letters while students are waiting for their admissions decisions this month?

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I know right. It’s so exciting for my daughter and then it’s just a letter that says we have coops and we are glad you applied. Is that a likely letter

Nope. Not a likely letter. Likely letter says something like, we are not ready to tell you that you are admitted, but it is likely we will be sending you a letter of admission. Yeah RD’s are due in March. But we were told it would be in February. Yeah, it’s only Feb. 3, and we need to be more patient. In the meantime, please RIT don’t send us anything in the regular mail other than a likely letter or an admissions/aid packet.


I got a likely letter back in late December! I applied to their school of business in hopes to be a financial advisor(hence the math classes) but all thinking of switching to math education.
If anybody wants stats, my act was a 27, will have completed 3 APs (U.S. History [4], Government, Calculus AB), lots of college credit in English classes , business classes, and math classes such as elementary statistics, in all honors otherwise, in state, my school doesn’t do GPA but my cumulative should be a 96 or 97 which I think is a 3.9 or 4.0 on the scale.

Anyone with a likely letter get an official decision yet? They said February so I hope its today or this weekend.

I actually got my RIT decision today, February 14th, 2021. You guys can check to see if you got your decision too.


What program accepted you

Daughter just got in. Electrical Engineering.

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Got in today for finance plus the Presidential Scholarship! Congratulations to everybody else!

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Accepted today for Computing Security with Presidential Scholarship! Congrats all!

1490 SAT (780 Math 710 Language)
770 Biology SAT Subject Test
12 Total APs
97.98 UW/105.01 W GPA
Rank 3/182 (Unofficially, on Application as Top 10%)
Lots of ECs with Leadership Positions, FIRST Robotics Dean’s List Finalist
Letters of Rec from Math (AP Stats, PreCalc, BC Calc), English (AP Lang, Research), and CSP
Applied 10/7

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Update admitted for graphic design. Waiting to hear about performing arts scholarship

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Thank you for the heads up! Nothing here yet in the PA program.

My daughter was accepted (received email today) with the Founders Scholarship. Not gonna lie though - still very expensive. Hoping to get some more grants/scholarships through FAFSA. Fingers crossed as this is her top choice.

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My son got his acceptance today. MechE with Presidential Scholarship.
3.98 UW/4.75 W GPA
33 ACT
10 APs
No rank
Good ECs

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@Coulditbe Computer Science

My daughter just heard today - accepted for ChemIcal Engineering.

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My son is accepted for Computer Engineering. Does anyone know when students will be notified about honors program?

For those who received the decision, did you get a notification in the email or did you just check the portal? We haven’t heard anything yet although we got a likely letter in January.