RIT ED 2023.

When we spoke with admissions, they said some kids will be notified prior to Thanksgiving. Others will be notified around Dec. 14. Your son/daughter will get an email notifying them of a change of application status. At that point we raced to the portal and received our news. The acceptance letter showed up with falling confetti. Pretty cool actually.

Hey soccer dad. I see your s has been accepted into mechanical engineering. My son has been as well. I’m curious to know how “regional” RIT is. It appears that the majority of students are from the northeast. True for you?

@Heckofatrip I know you aren’t asking me (as we aren’t ME) but my son went the colleges and careers overnight they had this summer. We are in the PNW. There was about 400 kids there and the west coast was by far the smallest group. But there was a group and he met 2 kids from the area while at the event, and our school usually has 2-4 apply each year.

Not exactly the same in terms of attendance but just a small data point that may or may not be useful. I really wish RIT published a CDS which "would’ have that info.

Yeah, I don’t know RIT’s typical draw in terms of geography. I would imagine the largest group would be from the northeast and upstate NY, but I think they’re pretty national in appeal. We’re in Ohio - about a 4 hour drive away.

I really wish RIT had a CDS .

Does anyone know when RIT starts sending out Regular Decisions? Based on last year’s info, it appears to be around mid-February, but I am wondering if someone has more accurate information. Thank you.

New update just posted on the RIT portal - our son got a Founders Scholarship. $10k per year.

@soccerdad72 Congrats. You mind sharing his stats

My son recieved the same (Founders, 10K)

OMG. my son got 16K presidential
1470 SAT
90.8 UW
94.8 W

@Thtswhtshesaid 4.1 W / 3.7 UW / 1350 SAT / 29 ACT

Congrats to @eandesmom and @sdl0625 as well!

congrats to you all

Congrats to you all…did you all apply ED?

Just got the good news too. Son just got word that he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for $14,000. Yes, ED.

Yes, my son applied ED. The only results out so far are ED.

We will likely be appealing.

@eandesmom - Do you know what the procedure is for appeals? We were thinking about doing the same - hoping to get at least a little higher scholarship amount (or at least trying), but I wasn’t sure if there was a formal process to follow.

@soccerdad72 I spoke to financial aid yesterday and you need to contact the counselor for your student. If you go to the financial aid page, they are listed by college (and by last name letter range for the bigger colleeges). I am unclear though if the admissions rep shoudl be included in the communication as well but am leaning towards copying them as well.

You can also wait to appeal once the full package comes in but in speakign with them it sounds like it really will be mid december on those and they go on break on the 19th. They are back in the offices on the 2nd but the timing is tight for a 1/15 deposit. They did aslo say you can ask admissions for an extension.

Thanks for the info!

goodness I wish this forum had spell check. Yikes! LOL. Anyway, the extension request was based on my concern that if one waited to appeal until the FA full package came, all of a sudden they are closed for break and so it could be a super short timeline.

We’ve decided to appeal on merit alone for now and then will look at the whole picture again when we see it all in 3 ish weeks.

Has anyone who applied Regular Decision heard back yet?