Rit ed 2023

Starting thread. Read last years and around Dec 4th there were some decisions.

Hopping on the train :slight_smile:

was waiting to see when you were boarding

Yes, last year my son received his acceptance on December 4th also. People should start getting them soon.

@mjdrzal, what about Merit? was that a few weeks later, so it was not included initially? and Fin aid? Is there a parents FB group that is good?

Yes, merit was a few weeks later. We did not get fin aid. Sorry, I’m not a FB user. However it’s a great school. My Son loves it there.

Jumping in here as well - son applied for Mechanical Engineering

For those of us on the train, as I know how much it helps those will follow, our stats/plan are:

UW 3.44, estimated W 3.85? no clue really on the W as we do not weight.

33 ACT

RIT Computing Medal

AP’s. US World (3), UPUSH, Calc AB (5), Calc BC, AP CS (5), AP Phyisics 1(3), APES, AP Micro/Macro, AP Lang, AP Lit. AP Physics (3)

AP Scholar with Distintction

11th/12th IT internship with the school district, 1 of 1 per grade. Will turn into paid position

Other EC’s include band (jazz, marching, pep, pit crew) , XC, community service stuff., camp counselor, Boy Scouts, Life Scout Rank (will not make eagle)


  1. CS
  2. Software Engineering 3, CIT

Our Stats:

Numeric Avg 94.8670
UnWghtAvg 90.8220

GA Hope 3.67
Grades are all A’s and B’s except C in online PE. (dont ask)

SAT 1470 ACT not taken, one subject test Math II 770

AP: Calc AB (5) CS (4) Physics 1 (4) APUSH (4)
taking: Calc BC Stats , Physics 2, Micro , Macro.

EC’s mostly Science Olympaid . did win State medals for 2 years in Game on. Has done Math Olympaid, last year was Tech Eagle at school Participates in Internship related to his intended major (CS gaming).


  1. CS Gaming
    .2. CS
  2. Business

My son’s stats:

Weighted 4.1, Un-weighted Approx 3.7 (I think?)

1350 SAT, 29 ACT

AP’s. Calc AB (3), AP CS (4)
taking Calc BC and AP Physics this year

3 years varsity letter soccer, president (and co-founder) of robotics club, NHS, member of Spanish club

Community service including 4 years volunteering as a soccer coach for special needs kids

Work experience - 8 years as a soccer referee, 1 year lifeguarding


  1. Mech Engineering


Weighted 4.7/4.5, Unweighted 4.45/4.5 (my school is out of 4.5, it’s weird)

32 ACT

AP’s: World History, US History, Physics 1, Language and Composition, and SUPA Psychology
This Year: Taking AP Calc BC, Literature, Government, and Biology

EC’s: 5 years varsity swimming (captain), 6 years club swim, 4 years wind (principle trumpet 10-12th, set-up manager 11th, and vice president 12th) and jazz ensemble (set-up manager 11th, president 12th), 3 years drumline, NHS, 4 years pit (middle and high school shows) and pep band

Community Service: 4 years hospice house volunteer (housekeeping and caregiving), 1 year VBS leader, 1 year Ronald McDonald House, 6 years EOJ waitress

Work: 1 year lifeguard and swim instructor

Physician Assistant

Previous Medical Experience:
volunteer caregiver at hospice house (about 20 hours so far), shadow at orthopedic clinic (about 8 hours so far), and certified in lifeguarding, cpr, aed, first aid, and o2 distribution (32 training hours)

Very happy to report that my son recieved his decision today, admitted to Computer Science! Now we wait to see what the $$ looks like, sounds like that won’t be out till mid December, both for merit and FA and they will come separately.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Congrats! We also got word of acceptance into Mech Engineering program. Same deal here, will wait for the merit package to come to decide whether it’s a good deal or not. RIT is one of his top choices, so it’s a relief to get that acceptance.

My S just got word. Accepted to ME with automotive option.
1380 Sat
NHS, 4 year community service, AP calc, physics, and apush.
4.0 Gpa. 4 year javelin and discus.
Will throw for RIT.
Many clubs, strong recs, and essay. Interviewed.

My S19 just got accepted to Game Design . As with everyone else, will wait for Merit and FA. But great news early

Congrats to all your students. How were you notified of your acceptances? Email, regular mail or portal??

Also, does anyone know if a student has ever been rejected after receiving the RIT Computing Medal Award at their high school?

My son got an e-mail saying that his application status had changed, so he logged into his RIT account and the acceptance letter (along with some confetti graphics) came up on screen. The letter said that any merit based aid would come in a later letter mailed to our house.

Thank you and congrats to your son!

@BoystoCollege2 I think that’s a great question and have wondered that myself but it would be really hard to know or track unless someone posted here that it happened to their child. It does say that it doesn’t garuntee admission so it’s certainly possible.