RIT experience for late diagnosis ADHD

Our son spent 4 years at RIT, changing his major three times. He was struggling, but each time he changed his major no one checked on his academic progress, so though he was failing (late diagnosis ADHD), he was being pushed from one semester to the next without help. He wound up leaving after paying 4 years of tuition and fees with only half the credits to graduate. We were not informed of any of this until it was far too late. We appealed, it was denied. Beware of this school.

I dont know that you can blame the school Also with your guidance there was/is plenty of resources at RIT. Did he get accommodations through DSO? Did he reach out to his advisor(s) to get resources ? these issues would have existed no matter what school he attended. I will say we have had the opposite experience.

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@chroma2 Did he have a diagnosis of ADHD before entering RIT? If he didn’t, I don’t know how you expect the school to know that was the cause for his hard time while there. I have children with learning disabilities and one that also has ADHD and all of this is diagnosed with an extensive Neuropsych evaluation. I’m sorry he had a hard time but blaming RIT is unfair. When in college, they are treated as adults. All of the careful eyes that we expect to be on them from their teachers are no longer there. I think your son’s elementary, middle and HS all failed him if he’s never been evaluated. Early intervention is so important but unfortunately there are tons of people who slip through the cracks and that I blame on our educational system. Our teachers are not trained enough to know what the signs are for learning disabilities or ADHD.