RIT financial status

I am advising a studnet who wants to go to RIT but is concerned because he has heard rumors that the school is struggling financially. Any information would be appreciated.

where did he hear these “rumors”. My S is attending next year and I have not heard anything to this anywhere

https://www.rit.edu/fa/controller/sites/rit.edu.fa.controller/files/files/docs/FY18%20RIT%20Financial%20Statements%20Final.pdf is the financial statements

Are you sure they didn’t really mean RPI https://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Troubled-alumni-stop-donating-12512869.php

RIT has an A1 credit rating with Moody’s updated in 2018. I too would like to know the source of this information as it certainly conflicts wit the Moody rating and an endowment that is close to 1 billion.

Could the endowment be larger? Yes, but certainly nothing that I see as concerning.


Hi! Rising senior at RIT. Our financials are in great shape. RPI is probably what you are referring to. RPI has made some very unfortunate decisions financially in recent years under President Shirley. They have some problems they need to address. I knew people who went there and are very disappointed in where the school is going.