RIT PA bs/ms Program

I am a senior applying early decision to RIT’s physician assistant bs/ms program and I would like to know my chances. I have a weighted gpa of 4.69/4.5, and a 32 on the ACT. I am 12th in my class of 270 people. I am president of band council for jazz, and vice president for wind ensemble (I am also principal trumpet). I have done band all four years of high school, and am captain of the varsity swim team (which I have been on since 8th grade). I also work as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I have done volunteering at the local hospice house the summer before 9th grade and returned this past summer and fall. I am also scheduled to shadow an orthopedic PA this month and throughout the fall. My main worry is that I do not have enough previous medical experience to be excepted, since I just recently decided to go the PA route. Any advice or insights are appreciated.

I meant to say accepted not excepted

My daughter is a freshman in the program right now and is super happy. From what I recall of the process, I think you’d be competitive stats-wise. There is an in-person interview and I believe a personal statement for the PA program at that time. I’d recommend brushing up on interview skills and working on that statement too. Plus apply to other programs just in case. It was a super stressful time for her, but seemed to work out for the best. How are your letters of recommendation?

I have two teachers lined up to write letters for me, who I know will give me a good recommendation. I am also planning on asking the physician’s assistant that I am shadowing.

Great! And I totally recommend working on your essays now. My daughter ended up rewriting hers many, many times both for grammatical edits and for content. Her first few drafts were accurate, but rather boring essays. I was surprised by how time consuming the application process really was.

Have you visited the school yet? If that is feasible, I totally recommend it. The campus and community are great, plus schools usually like when you show interest.

I can’t recommend strongly enough to apply to many schools. If you get accepted ED to RIT and decide to attend - great, you’re all set. But that way you have a contingency plan if needed. Every year the applicant mix really varies, making it really difficult to predict acceptances. Good luck!

Just wondering if the OP got into your ED school or where you decided to go?