RIT RD Class of 2023

Does anyone know when Regular Decisions start coming out?

If you look at previous years the decisions come out the week of February 15th.

really?!?! @futurenursemom1

@anonymous81398 that is just an educated guess based on previous years posts we are certainly hoping we hear a little sooner than that.

Mine came out today at 12:15 PST!!

Daughter accepted today.
Lots of AP, honors and college
8th out of 280

What majors have y’all been accepted to so far?

Applied Mathematics


Physics for my 1 twin son. Waiting to hear about the other twin son!

Accepted for: Computer Engineering
State Residency: VA
GPA 4.00 (UW) 4.273 (W)
Class Rank: (top 1% of 495 students)
SAT: 1440
ACT: 31
Gender: F
Extra: Lots of ECs, varsity sports, volunteer hours, awards and leadership. Great essays.

Congratulations to those who got in!

My girl also was accepted today, Environmental Science.
Sat 1400
3rd in class
97 gpa

How did you find out? S19 is logged into the account but just sees the app page with everything received.

@drewsmom17 One of my twins got an email saying he had an update and to log into the portal. The other twin’s portal is exactly the same as it was yesterday (with everything marked “received”)–no decision either way. Maybe they’re doing the decisions in waves? Or maybe the ones who didn’t hear today will hear in March?

@lakergirl6232 thank you! Ok, his still shows the same and no email. We were hoping to get an answer this week. Other than 2 rolling admissions, he’s waiting on all RD decisions.

I got my acceptance yesterday for Industrial Design!

Looks like they’re rolling out the admissions!

D received a letter a few days ago from the college of computing about 10 reasons you should choose RIT. No decison yet.

D received letter from her school on Monday and was accepted Tuesday.

Accepted Today