RIT reduced my financial aid???

So as stated by RIT in their FA letter to me, my EFC is $2,000.

Originally with all my scholarships and FA it was going to cost $12,000 a semester but I get an email notification earlier saying that they “amended my financial aid awards”.

I check my portal and it will now cost $13,500 per semester.

Amend literally means to make more fair. How is upping the price by $3,000 per year for a student with an EFC of $2,000 more fair…?

That stinks. It might be worth calling or emailing them and asking them why this happened.

@mom2twogirls I emailed them inquiring about it 2 hours ago. Didnt get a response, but just got another email about my financial aid status changing (this will be the 3rd time it’s changed).

They lowered it from 13,500 per semester to 11,700 per semester ($300 lower than originally) lol.

From $12,000 —> $13,000 —> $11,700

This is very crazy lol

So now you are paying less than you would have originally?

@mom2twogirls Yes. $300 cheaper per semester ?

Just got another email today, saying that they changed my financial aid AGAIN.

It’s back to costing $13k a semester, an increase of $1.1k from 11.9k lol.

My mom is still unemployed, my dad still makes >$30k a year, and they are still saying my EFC is $2,000.

I don’t know how they can expect me to commit when my financial aid has changed 5 times and could keep changing :confused:

And it changed again. Down to $11.6k now. Iol

well it moved in a better direction… the reality is nothing is really final until you get that first bill but that’s a little crazy

You can’t borrow $24,000/year, so I’d take RIT off the list. If your twin is looking at borrowing that kind of money for CU Boulder that should come off the list too.

You’re NYS residents who qualify for the Excelsior (free tuition at a SUNY) Grant, right? Both of you should be looking into the SUNY system. Your parents likely won’t qualify for ~$50k/year in loans, so you should find options that won’t require that kind of debt.

@austinmshauri not sure about excelsior because I didnt get it in my grants from NYS in my SUNY apps. Is it something I have to apply for or do they auto give out to eligible candidates

You have to apply. It is awarded by NY, not by the SUNY. https://www.hesc.ny.gov/pay-for-college/financial-aid/types-of-financial-aid/nys-grants-scholarships-awards/the-excelsior-scholarship.html

@LittleLiam, If your parents earn less than $125k you and your twin might be eligible for the ~$6k/year Excelsior Grant. Go to the HESC website and look for the application. You and your twin each need to apply. If you’re awarded a grant you can use it at any SUNY.

Like I also mentioned in the other thread, it would be the $6k minus any other state aid or scholarships, such as Pell or Tap.
Also minus any tuition only scholarships given by UB. You would have to look at your FA award and see whether it specifies. If your tuition is fully covered by grants and scholarships, the excelsior won’t work for you.