RIT Regular Decision for Fall ‘23

My son applied regular decision and based on years past, we were hoping to have a decision soon. Did everyone get the email blast today that makes it sound as though we won’t hear a decision until March? I wonder if they will still send the likely letters I’ve read about in years past? We were hoping to go to the late March revisit day for accepted students (if accepted), which may be rather difficult to arrange if decisions are late.

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Sounds like we won’t hear until mid march

We got the update too. My son was hoping to hear sooner, to plan a visit before spring. But I really appreciate that they are keeping families informed at least. Makes a good impression.

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Yes, both my D23 and I received copies of that email. It sounds like they got an increase of applications this year, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising as that seems to be happening at a lot of schools.

They did say at least that they hoped to release decisions sooner, so fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait quite as long as that, but I’m sure they didn’t want to promise something they can’t deliver. I’d rather have them evaluate each application thoroughly, so if that takes a little longer, so be it. :crossed_fingers:


Has anyone who applied RD heard back yet? I know the email said we would hear back by 3/15 but I was hoping they would start releasing decisions through then.

No, we check daily. The last few years it seems like decisions started coming out mid-February.

Nothing here yet. I’m expecting mid-March.

Nothing here yet either. It would be really nice to have a decision earlier than the 3/15 projected date since RIT is the last one that we are waiting for and one of my son’s top choices. I know, how does it feel to want? :slight_smile:

in years past they have always come out early. So fingers crossed for all of you that you hear soon. Also try to visit on accepted students day. They do a really good job.

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I feel this in my bones! Other than 2 deferrals from early action, this is the last one my son is waiting on. We keep forgetting about it because it’s so late! It’s a wonderful place, so we are crossing our fingers – I hope your son gets good news soon :slight_smile:

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I’d almost convinced myself that it would be easy this time! My older son (now a junior) was deferred and then waitlisted at his top school before finally getting in. I can’t drag this out to mid-May again, I’m getting too old for it! :joy:

LOL! This is my first go around and I am mentally exhausted. My son has gotten into everywhere else he cared about but we are waiting on RIT. He really loved the gaming program and the vibe of the school. I think this is his place but I don’t want to get sucked in until we see the financials. Nothing worse then falling in love with a college and then having to accept that you cannot afford it.


Yes!!! For some reason I thought we’d be pretty much resolved by January. What was I thinking?! It’s going to be mid-April at the earliest since we are still waiting on some places AND waiting to hear more about financial offers. This is for the birds - I want this to be over and settled already!


Does anyone know if RIT is good with merit? RPI has been making it somewhat affordable for us. It’s just a bit far from the west coast especially since it’s not a straight flight (never knew this until the college process started).

I think their presidential merit award is about $18k, so not huge merit, perhaps, considering their cost of attendance. There might be other opportunities - I’m not sure…

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Do you all think it “hurts” an application not to apply for the performing arts scholarship? They’re really pushing it (emails, webinars, deadline extensions), but we decided the extra $1k in scholarship may not be worth the requirements and time commitment for our son. He likes to participate in theatre, but maybe not every semester…

Really? $18K is their top award? Then I already know this is not going to work for us at all. :unamused:


My son doesn’t have a performing arts bone in his body, so let’s hope not, haha!

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Don’t lose hope! There may still be needs based aid and keep in mind I have no idea what I’m talking about, haha!!!


We are also eager to get this decision made but know that we’re looking at least another 6 weeks before all necessary info is in… dad and mom are getting worn out, even if our son is pretty patient. If RIT releases decisions soon that will be a big help.

I get the impression that they offer merit awards to a lot of people, but that they don’t offer (any? many?) really huge merit awards. So it might work for someone with a large or medium budget, but not for someone with a small budget. That’s just the idea that has formed in my head – no idea how it will turn out for this years’ applicants.

We’re not optimistic that our kid will get enough aid to make this a real option. That, combined with the fact that they (oddly) do not offer a civil engineering major, makes RIT an unlikely choice for our son. Which is a big bummer because we all loved the school and it would be an amazing fit for him.

Crossing fingers for some excellent news for everyone soon!