Riverside East- Decorating

<p>A couple of random questions about decorating rooms...</p>

<li><p>Is there enough room in the window to put in a tension rod for a curtain? How do people usually handle the window? :)</p></li>
<li><p>Are the ceilings in the rooms textured or smooth?</p></li>

<p>Thanks! (:</p>

<p>i think the ceilings are not textured.</p>

<p>i think they recommend tension rods, so i am guessing there is room for them. if you look t the housing photos for riverside, you can see that there are mini-blinds in the windows and plenty of room for an additional tension rod. i would guess that most boys do not "handle the window" at all! : )</p>

<p>Although the blinds are nice, they still let in a lot of light. I noticed that each time my son skyped me. He said that sometimes the light can be a problem. So, we recently got tension rods and curtains for his room and the living room of his suite -- just to cut down on the light issue.</p>

<p>After staying in dorm over BB, especially with east facing window I can tell you that the early morning light really comes through the blinds. I was startled the first morning thinking I'd overslept. There did appear to be room for tension rod. Although, this was Ridgecrest I believe they said Riverside dorms were very similar in dimensions. I figure a simple tension rod and plain dark curtain panel won't really cost or take up room so we can play it by ear when moving in.</p>

<p>Walmart has a tension rod that the tension part is inside the window, but the rod is outside, going past the window, so your curtain covers your window. Makes it look more like real window hardware. (Boys may not care, but my daughter loved it.)</p>

<p>A couple of question about riverside east: The description does not include the measurements of the desk and drawers, are they the same in all the buildings? Also upper classmen told my daughter to get the 4th or D room because it was bigger, how much bigger is it?</p>

<p>i am not sure of the dimensions of the furniture are the same, but they look the same. the only thing that looks different to me is that the beds in some of the dorms are able to be raised higher than they are in other dorms.</p>

<p>the desk is a two piece unit with the desk part (where your chair goes and a side unit (that i assume cn be used on either side or used separate from the desk (in one of the pics i saw the desk side unit was being used as a nightstand.</p>

<p>you can look at the floorplans online to get an idea of the difference in room sizes. looks like the D room might have a couple extra feet in front of the closet.</p>

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<p>Isn't the room selected already assigned by your reservation? If you signed up for 102B wouldn't you take bedroom B according to the floor plan? I guess that's something to keep in mind if you can change or for next year. Although I don't see any problem with any of them for my S, I can see where if my D was going she'd shoot for the largest (= more stuff).</p>

<p>Yes, your room is assigned at the time of your reservation.</p>

<p>That is why my daughter picked the room D at room selection time. :) I was just wondering how much bigger it was</p>

<p>Girls like to know the measurements before they get there, so they can plan ahead of time how to decorate their room.</p>

<p>has she gone to bama bound yet? when we went, we went to my daughters exact room and measured everything!</p>

<p>according to the floorplan online the room is 11x10. but if i had to guess i would say that room has about 18 extra square feet.</p>

<p>We had our tape measures ready but high schoolers were housed there for something (we went June 1) and they would not let us.:(</p>

<p>my DD's was the designated linen room for the time we were there. my DD was nervous about going in there when we weren't supposed to be in there. i didn't think it mattered much, so we went on in.</p>

<p>didn't get to measure everything that i wanted to, but i did get a pretty accurate measurement of her actual room.</p>

I even tried again this week when I was on assignment in Tuscaloosa. No deal, Building was being used and they would not let me. I guess we will see when she moves there.</p>

<p>My son has had room D twice (once in Riverside and once in Lakeside). It is a bit bigger (not much bigger) and the layout is a bit different because of where the door and closet are. So, it creates a very slight L shaped room. The very short leg of the L goes to the closet.</p>

<p>I don't think room D is bigger in Ridgecrest South.</p>

<p>Thanks, looking at the plans, my daughter was hoping the bigger closet area would make a good dressing/makeup/and mirror area.</p>

<p>in ridgecrest south it is much bigger, if at all. it does have the extra little spot where the door is, so an extra 9 sq ft. but noting in the way of usable extra square footage.</p>

<p>in DD's room, (not sure if it is like this in other dorms or not) there are parts of the structure that stick out into the room in various places. doesn't take awy a lot of space, but it kind of makes it more difficult for furniture placement.</p>

<p>in my DDs room the support is about 30 wide and sticks out 4 inches. but in the C room it sticks out 11 inches!</p>

<p>also, in my DDs suite, the sink are for the other two girls is not in a sep. room as pictured. their sink is kind of in the hallway to their room! i am betting they do not know this. not very private or appealing. maybe they can hang a curtain over there to give them some privacy in their sink area.</p>

<p>in ridgecrest south it is much bigger, if at all.</p>

<p>Not sure what you're saying there.</p>

<p>Aren't room A and room D mirror images of each other? My younger son was in room D in Ridgecrest South. I agree that when you open the door, you have that space (where the door swings) and I think you have a small space behind that (where some kids put their pop up hampers.</p>

<p>Most of the suites within a building have the same measurements, so a "D" space in one suite should have the same measurements as another "D" space in the same building. The only exceptions I know of are some rooms in Ridgecrest South on the 5th floor. </p>

<p>In Ridgecrest East/West, Riverside, and Lakeside, the "D" space is slightly bigger and has the layout m2ck mentioned. I personally like the "C" space because it is a corner. For some reason I always thought that "A" and "B" were smaller, but that is an illusion due to the room layout. The space you selected in the dorm is the space you get since each room has a different key.</p>

<p>As someone who ends up sleeping during the first few hours the sun is up, I can tell you that the sun does shine through the blinds. However, it is possible to sleep with this happening. I seem to recall somebody having left a curtain rod attached to the wall surrounding my window, but I never used it.</p>