RLP Housing

I am considering to apply for RLP housing. I have a few questions about RLP housing: Firstly, will I “lose” my normal housing application, if I get accepted into RLP, or will I be able to choose between the two (in case I get the housing that I wanted)? Secondly, does anyone have experiences with Transfer United, Global Scholars or Service & Leadership? Are the programs actually helpful? How is the housing in those buildings?

DS got assigned to an RLP he did not apply to- Graham (Chancellor’s Science Scholars). Not sure what to make of it!

I applied for and am now a member of the Leadership and Service RLP in Hinton James. I wanted to stay on South Campus anyway and be social and I know Hojo is the largest freshman dorm so I’m quite excited for it!!

@Pastpower Hinton James is a great dorm but it is very far. Try to bring a bike if you could.