RM possibility

A friend’s daughter is hoping to attend UMN. If so, she would like to be a RM in the dorms her sophomore year. How competitive is this? Does anyone know how RM’s are compensated? Do they get a percent off their dorm cost or a free room? Thanks for the help.

I’m curious about this as well

By RM do you mean an RA? As in an upperclassmen who works in the dorms as an advisor to students? I’ve never heard RM before.

If that’s what you’re talking about, they call them CAs (Community Advisors) here.

I’ve never done it but from what I hear you get a free room plus a few hundred dollars per semester. They are assigned to the floor they live on plus they take turns being “on duty” which means they are the go to person if there are any issues in the hall.

You don’t need to have a super high GPA to get in but I think there are usually significantly more people who apply than that they take. You need a certain attitude. Most of them are big on teamwork, inclusion, community, etc., not just enforcing the rules.

Yes, I meant RA (I think they call them RM’s at my other son’s school.) Thank you for the information - I will pass it on.