Road game tickets on sale NOW

<p>Check your crimson email. If you tried to get road game tickets but you missed the cutoff here is your 2nd chance.</p>

<p>YES - Auburn and Miss State tickets obtained!!! Can't go to the other ones, too far away or on busy weekends. Still, soooooo happy I got Iron Bowl tickets!!</p>

<p>Congrats!! Glad you got the games you wanted. </p>

<p>Don't forget the instructions I gave you before about going to that cow college though :-)</p>

<p>Is there any way for a freshman to get any of these away tickets?</p>

<p>Not that I know of. This is for returning students who tried to get a ticket to a specific road game but didn't make the cut due to not enough hours earned. Students are only eligible for the games they originally tried to get.</p>

<p>No freshmen, but sophomores had a shot as well. Wish I had that chance last year...</p>