Roads problem

<p>5 or 6????</p>


<p>i counted 6 for sure.</p>


<p>right right up up
right up right up
right up up right
up right right up
up right up right
up up right right</p>

<p>The mathematical way to do it is by asking yourself... how many rights and how many ups do I need to get to the finish... It seems that it was a 2x2 and you needed 2 rights and 2 ups... Thus you say 4C2=6 choices... Because there are 4 spaces and you need to choose 2 of the spaces to insert the Rights.... nm I sound dumb.</p>

<p>Was 6 the most? if so, that's what I put.</p>

<p>I just drew a bunch until I had 6 unique ones.</p>

<p>that makes perfect sense</p>

<p>but for some questions i prefer the traditional method</p>

<p>like the 12 ppl submitting 17 artwork question</p>

<p>i just looked at it and some how 5<em>2 + 7</em>1 popped up</p>

<p>Artwork was easy because it means that obviously 5 people submitted double artwork (if there are 12 people and 17 total) and 5*2 is 10 which leaves 7 from the total.</p>

<p>no the art one was 1</p>

<p>you had 12 people with one or two paintings...and you had 17 paintings</p>

<p>therefore there were 8 people with 2 paintings each or 16 paintings</p>

<p>17 paintings - 16 paintings = 1 painting. one person had 1 painting. there ONE person is the answer.</p>

<p>pretty tricky for the 2nd grid-in question though.</p>

<p>oh yeah, the last q.c. (#15) where you had the 1st quadrant, and the slope of BP, wouldn't it be D because the slope is different at different points of each polygon?</p>

<p>If 8 people had two paintings, and 1 person had 1 painting, that means you are only addressing 9 painters. it's 7.</p>

<p>As for #15, no, because it referred to the lower-right line of the polygon</p>


<p>12 - 8 leaves 4 people that means minimum 4 paintings which would mean</p>

<p>16 + 4 = 20</p>

<p>it was the 2nd grid-in, not supposed to be hard. you tricked yourself.</p>

<p>the slop was greater for the pentagon</p>

<p>there is only one possible way to draw polygons so that line BC is in Q1.</p>

<p>m 108 > m 120</p>

<p>end of deal</p>

<p>... uhh except for the fact that 8 + 1 = 9 and there are a total fo 12 painters.</p>

<p>What was the problem? I'd like to see it</p>

<p>For the slope of polygon, I put D because depending on what direction you go from that line (left or right), the slope could be negative or positive.</p>

<p>It's in Quadrant I, franklinbrown. Therefore the polygon is "facing up" meaning positive slopes.</p>

<p>it said point C</p>

<p>No, I understand that it's in Quadrant 1, but couldn't the line in question branch off from either the left or right of the line?</p>

<p>Or did I misunderstand the question?</p>

<p>The one side given was AB, and it said that the line in question was BC, meaning it came off the right</p>


<p>i got 6, if that helps.</p>

<p>For the painter problem, I got 5.</p>

<p>Okay, if there are twelve painters</p>

<p>1 - 2 paintings
2 - 2 paintings
3 - 2 paintings
4 - 2 paintings
5 - 2 paintings
6 - 1 painting
7 - 1 painting
8 - 1 painting
9 - 1 painting
10 - 1 painting
11 - 1 painting
12 - 1 painting</p>

<p>::Roads problem::</p>

<p>I picked the second to greatest (last) answer choice, whichever it was.</p>


<p>::Artwork problem::</p>

<p>I simply worked backwards.
There are 12 people, and 17 pieces in total. So some people submitted one piece and some people submitted two.</p>

<p>If all 12 submitted 1, there are 12 pieces. No.
(11 ppl sub 1) + (1 ppl sub 2) = 13
(10 ppl sub 1) + (2 ppl sub 2) = 14
(9 ppl sub 1) + (3 ppl sub 2) = 15
(7 ppl sub 1) + (5 ppl sub 2) = 17. Yes.</p>