Roanoke College - 2023

Anyone considering Roanoke College? DS was accepted EA with merit $18k. 1110 SAT, 81 GPA. We were very surprised by the merit and will take a look next week. Hoping DS loves it. Anyone have any experience there?

@pimdog1 , my son is a junior at Roanoke. He’s double majoring in computer science and business. He also received generous merit. 3.35 GPA and 1280 SAT. He’s very happy there. Not a partier. He has a job on campus doing computer programming. We live in NJ so he commutes via train back and forth. Have you visited?

123France - thank you for your reply. We have not visited yet. Event next week for accepted students will be the first time. I really hope DS likes it. We are in DC, an easy ride on the train. I love the size of the school and it seems the professors are very engaged with the students.

How did the event go? I’ve read Roanoke is very tough on grades - not sure that would work for my (hopeful) pre-med studen!