Roanoke College 2024

My D has been accepted to Roanoke and their honors college. We will be going to visit in Feb for one of their academic exploration days and and Honors Program luncheon. We are not from the VA area so we don’t know much about the school. Does anyone have experience with Roanoke? She plans to major in secondary education & math. Any thought, opinions or feedback would be great. Thanks so much!!!

@mamawitch – My D20 was also accepted to Roanoke. We visited. My D is looking for small schools…but found Roanoke a little too small (2,000 students) for her. My DH and I loved the school and surrounding town of Salem which is just outside Roanoke. You will never be a # and as a student you will be able to make strong connections with professors. While they provided a very generous financial aid package for D20 it will still be a stretch for us with her twin S20 starting as well. It’s not totally off the table though as D20 is still waiting to hear from her top pick UMW.

@scoutmom2002 My D also wants smaller, but I was afraid Roanoke would be too small as well. She’s also looking at CNU in VA. I think the size is better, but coming from OOS, I like the fact that Roanoke is private. I worry that it could be hard for an insecure teenage girl to find her group in a school that many already know each other.

@mamawitch - CNU and UMW on my D’s list. Honestly I don’t think my also shy insecure teenage girl would know anyone at CNU either. She’ll be making new friends wherever she goes as I’m sure your D would as well :wink:

@mamawitch , my son is a senior at Roanoke College. He double majored in business and computer science. Received a very nice merit award. We’re from NJ. He’s enjoyed his time there. Beautiful campus and the students can walk to Main Street in Salem, which has restaurants, shops, etc. Walmart a few miles down the street. Greek life/partying was not his scene. He developed nice friendships with students with similar interests. He was not in the Honors program but will be graduating either cum laude or above. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.

Thanks so much @123France I sent you a PM. I don’t know why Roanoke doesn’t get a thread in the list of colleges and universities on this site.

Hi @mamawitch. I have seen your post on CNU as my son got in there as well and we are in VA. My son had looked at RC at one time for a sport but decided this summer he didnt want to play in college. Personally he thought RC was way too small but I liked it. It has a really nice athletic center. CNU is definitely a different vibe. A bit bigger and the buildings are all newer. Nice dorms at CNU. My son will probably be going to a much bigger school

My daughter is has also been admitted to the Honors Program at RC and we’re heading there next week for exploration day and a couple other things. She’s mostly applied to very small colleges and is comfortable with that, although the large number of students from “up north” is a drawback from her/our standpoint as it changes the flavor from Southern to … not Southern. Still, she really enjoyed the school on our one visit and they’ve made every effort to make her feel wanted by the college. I have a current graduate student in my class who went there and totally loved it, so we’re eager to find out more.

@jgwolf S19 is at UF so this is a whole new group of schools we’ve been looking at for D20. The majority of schools seem small compared to Florida!! During her Feb vacation we’re going to look at RC for the 1st time, then a revisit to Elon and CNU. Hopefully, she’ll get a better idea then.

@ammforccw They definitely do a great job of “showing the love” to their admitted students!! I think that’s one of the things that she likes about the school. I’m not sure how to take your comment about the students from “up north” being a drawback though. My daughter is coming from Maine and wants to branch out from what she knows. I hope the other students embrace her and don’t think she’s ruining the flavor of the school. She hopes to meet people from all areas of the country.

Does anyone have experience with experience of diversity and inclusion at Roanoke? We are interested in good LAC’s woth possible merit for B/B+ kids but being over 82% white and less than 6% African American in VA is a concern.

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HI, @BktoNJ , my son is a senior at Roanoke and happens to be bi-racial (Asian/white). We’re from NJ. He was a B+ HS student and received very good merit aid. Yes, Roanoke is over 80% white. I see that they have a Black Student Alliance and have had diversity speakers/events throughout the time my son has been there. Of course, my son cannot speak to what life is like at Roanoke College for an African American student. I would suggest visiting, if possible, while school is in session so you and your child could get a feel for the school.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions regarding Roanoke.

@123France Thank you so much. It sounds like it’s been great for your son. That’s wonderful. My son is white (and Jewish) but has always lived and gone to school in either integrated or majority black places. We put a high value on his ability to learn and evolve in an environment that faces racial issues corageously and realistically for the whole community. The percentage of one group or another on campus doesn’t tell the whole story one way or the other of course but going to the south to a school that has not succesfully integrated even to the standards of private colleges raises some questions. Only way to know is to hear from community members, so thank you.

We have since found out that it doesn’t offer some of the programs that he’s interested in so my be a moot question afterall for us.