Roanoke College class of 2025

Anyone on here high on (or selecting) Roanoke College? It is one of our daughter’s favorites and she may well end up there. So, starting a current post for this year’s applicants, etc. Any info or experiences would be appreciated. There’s just not that much on CC about it; can’t figure out why (it didn’t even give me a Roanoke College tag option when posting this).

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Unfortunately it doesn’t get a lot of love because it’s not a T25 school. That’s just how the majority of CC rolls.

With that said, D19 and S21 were both accepted to Roanoke. D19 deposited but then ultimately deferred due to health reasons. It’s still high on S21s list so we’ll see what he ultimately decides. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the school and was impressed when we visited.

Tagging @123France who has a son who I believe graduated last year.

We’d be happy to create a category for it and move your thread in so there’s more visibility! Tagging @CCadmin_Jon to do the heavy lifting.

We’d like to roll much deeper than T25 :wink:


@eb23282, yes, my son graduated last May. Had a job offer in April and is living in Phoenix exactly where he wanted to end up. He very much enjoyed his four years at Roanoke.

@BGTENN, my son graduated from Roanoke College last May. We’re from NJ. He very much enjoyed his time there. Double majored in computer science and business.

@CCAdminMike @CCadmin_Jon: That would be great, thank you!

I made a category for Roanoke and moved this discussion to that category. I’m going to grab the topics previous years and move them there too.

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Hey @BGTENN Roanoke is currently my S21’s top choice. He hasn’t formally pulled the trigger yet but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t end up there.

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Very cool. Sure is a nice school.

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