Robbed (Pratically) by the College Board!!

<p>EDIT: Oops and sorry for the misspelling (practically). I guess in my rage, I overlooked proper spelling. For shame</p>

<p>I was reminiscing about the college application process, you know recommendations, filling out apps, jotting down essays, taking SATs...when my mind fell on the CollegeBoard. And I realized, this company is making too much money!!! Think about all the expenses that pile up</p>

<p>-Taking the SAT ($42)
- 4 Score Reports ($0)
- Maybe 6 other schools ($9 <em>6=$54)
- SAT II Subject Tests ($18?)
- PLUS the cost of taking more than one ($9</em>2=$18)
- Taking the SAT AGAIN! ($42)
- Those lovely CSS Profiles, Maybe 5 of those ($16*5=80)
That results in...too much money down the drain, i'm too sad to calculate, lol.
Oh and I didn't even add AP tests!!</p>

<p>So anyway, care to jot down how much Collegeboard has been able to swipe from your pocketbooks?</p>

<p>People today are way too obsessed with the ideas of prestigious colleges often assumes a successful and guaranteed career. And the Collegeboard is constantly trying to make us believe that their tests are the primary source for an entrance at any university. I'm here to remind the people that have been rejected by colleges of their dreams (UCLA in my case), colleges don't guarantee anything in life, it's what you do when you're in the college and what you do afterwards that makes you who you are. Nothing guarantees success, only dedication to your goals and what you do in life will make you memorable to the people or generations after you. Or perhaps I'm just trying to make myself feel better with all this b.s.</p>

<p>thats what i told myself after i got rejected from SD by a mere 100pts..</p>

<p>I'm just wondering how do you find out the points thing.</p>

<p>UCSD</a> Freshman Comprehensive Review Process (Dec 2004)</p>