Robert C. Byrd Scholarship

<p>Has anyone applied to the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship?</p>

<p>Yeah I applied from Tampa. I see you're from Miami</p>

<p>My State's department of education told me today that the Robert Byrd Scholarship has not been funded yet for this year. </p>

<p>I assume they are not on top of things. Can others tell me if indeed you have been able to get an application for your state and apply? If so then I will call some other people and try to wake someone up in the State government.</p>

<p>I'm confused. I thought this was a scholarship that you had to be recommended for, i.e. in Florida, only one student is recommended from each high school. And, according to the fl. site, that student is the kid with the highest GPA (unweighted) combined with the highest ACT score. Are you able to apply separate from the school? And does the school notify you if they are recommending you? Lots of questions ... lots, and lots. :)</p>


<p>so unless you know which state you are talking about, there's not much point in comparing situations.</p>

<p>The Byrd is funded for 08-09. It's pretty much a year-to-year thing. As long as Byrd is still a senator, I wouldn't worry too much about funding.</p>

<p>Has the Robert Byrd scholarship even been funding for 09/10 ?</p>

<p>I do not think so.</p>

<p>i applied. my state you need at least a 3.5 GPA and a 23 on the ACT.</p>

<p>I am actually doing my app right now. My state only requires that you're a resident.</p>

<p>The funding is not usually set until a good deal later in the year, like in May or June.</p>

<p>i am in california, and the packet isn't even available yet!
what type of grades do you generally need for this award?</p>

<p>Each state has its own criteria. You can probably find out info from your own state on its education site. It is based on SATs, or GPA or ACT. Depends.</p>

<p>I applied and got nominated from my school! Yay!</p>

<p>i applied (GA), mine was due almost a month ago...</p>

<p>We're in FL, and by our state's rules: you have to be nominated from your high school. Criteria is supposed to be highest non-weighted GPA combined with highest ACT score. Can a school nominate you (apply) without telling you? Reason why I'm asking: daughter has a 4.0 u.w. gpa and a 35 ACT (we think it's highest in school), but she hasn't been told anything about this. Anyone from FL ever nominated and get this w/o knowing about it? If so, would love to hear that you did. LOL :)</p>


<p>I would suggest asking your school.</p>

<p>I live in Texas, and my daughter had to submit an application to her school. Certainly there were some others with better grades, rank, and test scores who would have been nominated over her, BUT THEY DIDN'T APPLY! The school did let students know that applications were available, but it was up to the student to indicate an interest by submitting the application.</p>

<p>That's it ... our school hasn't even told us this is/was available. Just as they never told us about SAT II's or any other thing I've learned about since joining CC. Very frustrating ... when info. is not given to students.</p>


<p>Hmmm ... maybe it's this "florida financial aid application" she had to fill out. It did ask if she wanted to be evaluated for the Robert C. Byrd award, and she (as well as everyone else) was told to check yes. The school helped them fill these out ... so we never saw them. I'll give the school a call on Mon. and ask some questions.</p>

<p>A bit of googling came up with this for Florida:
Florida</a> Student Scholarship and Grant Programs</p>

<p>"How Does a Student Apply?
The student will:
Submit a fully completed error free Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application by April 15. Apply for the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship by selecting "Yes" to the appropriate question on the application.
The online Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application is available at OSFA</a> Home by selecting the links State Grants, Scholarships & Applications, Apply Here, and then Initial State Student Application. "</p>

<p>Ah ... this helps. She's done this part. The school took all seniors to computers and helped them all fill this out, and they did tell her to put "yes, i want to be evaluated for the Byrd scholarship." So, it appears now that we wait for the Principal to make a decision on who to nominate from the school. Appears he has until 5/15 to do that. </p>


<p>I did it from New York, i dont know the requirements but I know there is a cut off SAT/ACT score and must have a top GPA. Als only one kid for every 100 kids from the graduating class can apply so if you have 300 kids in your graduating class = 3 nominations.</p>