Robert E. Cook Honors College SHP

<p>I was just wondering if anyone here from cc has been accepted to/has applied to/is going to apply to the Summer Honors Program at the Robert E. Cook Honors College (at Indiana University of Pennsylvania)?</p>

<p>The regular application deadline is June 1.
The</a> Robert E. Cook Honors College [Summer Honors Program]</p>

<p>Maybe there's someone who has considered applying, has attended earlier og has heard something about the program? Or am I completely alone?</p>

<p>any info on the acceptance rate?? i'm thinking of applying now that all my other options closed, it seems pretty good</p>

<p>Sorry, I have got no idea about it.
In the same time I haven't been able to find many former participants through google but the ones I found (forums/facebook/articles) definitely had a great time. In the same time the staff seems to have everything under control, they reply fast if you contact them and give a straight answer. Definitely a plus.</p>

<p>Just want to post a reminder: If anyone has been considering applying, the application deadline is on Tuesday. Just so you don't miss it.</p>

<p>Or else it looks like I am quite alone right now? :)</p>

<p>Ice: As long as your grades are good and you have put some thoughts into your essays you should be fine, I think.</p>

<p>I applied in February and got my acceptance at the end of April. This will be my first year attending.</p>

<p>Sounds great. Where are you from?
Have you heard anything about your course placement yet? (Just wondering since it took my acceptance letter two weeks to get from IUP to me, haha. Kind of excited to get the news)</p>

<p>I'm from around Altoona pa.
No I haven't heard anything about my course placement yet. The acceptence later said they would let us know soon, but I'm guessing that since the tuiton isn't due until July 3rd that they may send it directly after that.
Where are you from?</p>