Robertson Scholars results for first years?

<p>So results for the Robertson Scholars program for first years were supposed to come out on February 10th, but no emails yet. I heard somewhere that if you didn't get an interview, they don't email you at all?</p>

<p>Nobody I know has heard anything, and I would've sworn that at least one of them would've gotten an interview. One in particular was a morehead finalist and has been pushing himself really hard to be involved first semester.</p>

<p>Where did you hear this about not getting an email if you don't make the cut?</p>

<p>I applied regularly last year, and they emailed me when I did not make the first cut. I can't imagine that they would do it differently. It's stressing me out.</p>

<p>I thought we are notified March 1st? That's what it says on the website.</p>

<p>There's a separate timeline for the first year application which says notification was Feb 10th. Notification for traditional applicants is March 1st. I'm not going to hold my breath until March 1st though...I'm so used to UNC being late on notifying us about everything.</p>

<p>Woops, I'm a traditional applicant! Didn't see this was about first years!</p>

<p>Results are delayed till next Friday. I saw the subject line of the email that said "Notification of Quarterfinalists" and freaked out. Especially when the first line of the email looked cheerful. I was super excited for about 2 seconds. And then I saw it was delayed.</p>

<p>Not happy.</p>