Robertson Scholarship Semifinalists

In an email they sent out in December, they said, “we look forward to informing students of interview decisions in mid-February.” I’m opening up this forum in case anyone hears what date exactly it will be or if anyone receives an update. Good luck fellow applicants!


Has anyone been notified of next steps?

I was notified that I was a semifinalist and it took me to schedule my interview.

Today? For the class or 2022? Congratulations!

No, no. On the first day that everyone was notified. From what I’ve heard, it seems like direct applicants we’re all notified around that day or a couple days after and the only people who heard later were those who were referred by the schools

Has anyone been notified that they were not chosen as a semi finalist? My daughter hasn’t heard anything either way.

I got an email on the 22nd saying I wasn’t chosen. I believe that was the case for anyone who is not a semi-finalist, maybe have your daughter check her spam or something?

Any news yet on the announcement of finalists? The next round of interviews starts 3/6.