Robocalls Out of Control

Today, alone, I have received 32 of the same robocall from at least 31 different numbers between 1:20pm and 3:11pm NY time. I verified that I am on the FTC do not call list and I’ve filed multiple complaints today alone. Has anyone had this issue (today or any day) and what have you done to stop it? It’s driving me nuts.

I have noticed an up tick in robocalls recently. I have NoMoRobo on my land line (cell service is very poor where I live) and it works great.

My cell number is from several states away where I used to live. I also don’t give it out except to people I know well. And my cell is where I’m getting all the calls on. I just don’t answer and no messages are left, so I know it is a robocall. I thought that the delivery services were implementing blocking on robocalls??? When will it actually be in place???

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NoMoRobo works for standard robocalls but it does not seem to stop calls from spoofed phone numbers. We get a lot of these. Once we even got a call pretending to be from our own number!
I don’t answer unless I recognize the number, but our answering machine picks up.

I know they are still using our number to make spoofed calls to others, too. Just yesterday someone left a message asking why we had called them. (We had not called them.)

I’ve had an uptick of Robocalls recently, its really annoying. A couple of the numbers have been very similar to the number of my doctor. Ugh! My elderly father has been getting a lot of robocalls on his landline phone (he’s had the same number since the 70’s and he has a flip phone cell phone that he rarely uses) and it’s hard because he can’t hear and see very well. So he answers because he can’t see the number on the phone and he can’t tell what they say. Luckily he has a special phone that’s on the way that has a voice that announces the number and name of who is calling! We’ll also install NoMoRobo on it!

I have Verizon and use their call blocker. I can manage it from the app on my phone. It rings once then gets blocked. If too many get through I just go into the app and manually block them. The system seems to learn the patterns. I also have nomorobo and do not call.

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Yes, I’ve noticed far more robocalls, spoofed numbers and otherwise. Most of the time I leave my phone on the do not disturb setting with a small group of numbers exempted (immediate family and security system monitoring company, mostly.) When the callers who aren’t on my starred list don’t leave a message, I block their number.

I hate when I have to take my phone off do not disturb, such as when I’m expecting a call about a medical matter. This morning I had to leave my phone open to all calls and answered one that turned out to be a solicitation (thanks, AT&T.) It has done no good to ask to be taken off calling lists, so these days I just hang up and block the number.

I got a robocall today from the “Concern” department of Social Security. They said there was unusual activity on my SSN and it has been suspended. Press 1 to be connected to the Concern department. Do people actually fall for this?

Well, it would be NICE if SS had any concern at all. But they don’t so that’s an obvious red flag.

We have both NoMoRobo and Hiya which helps. But spoofing is out of hand.

A couple years ago my dad was in the hospital but we hadn’t told my aunt because we didn’t want to alarm her unnecessarily until we could determine his condition. And then we came home to a frantic phone call from her because supposedly my dad had called her and left no message. Took us awhile to figure it out. Disgusting.

Yes, it’s been out of control lately. Spectrum, which provides my landline, used to do a great job blocking robocalls, spoofed calls, etc., but not lately. I guess the blocking technology is not keeping pace with that of the scammers. It’s really frustrating, and I would cancel my landline except the cell coverage in my area is spotty and the landline cost is negligible when bundled with cable and internet.

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I have AT&T cell shield/block. I send the calls that do get through to voice mail. If I accidentally answer it, I will get a slew in the next few hours. No land line for years.

I have the exact same thing @FourAtShore!

When my husband started staying home, the robocalls kept increasing. I didn’t realize that the husband can’t stand having the phone go to messages, so he picks up and they redial and call again.

It’s taken several weeks of training him to not answer, so we’re down to about 10 a day.

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Trained H to look at it, if not someone he knows, press the right side button on the iPhone and it goes to voice mail. Can check it later if any messages for the day.

Thank you @rockymtnhigh2 but . . . the house phone is a landline old fogey phone :wink:

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LOL, I also had to train my husband not to answer spam/marketing calls. From what I’ve read, it is apparently true that answering will only lead to more attempts and more calls.

I actually hadn’t heard that answering just leads to more calls but my very unscientific research seems to confirm that premise! I had been answering and hanging up so I didn’t have to listen to the phone ring but since I’ve stopped answering, even though the answering machine picks up (yes, I still have a landline), the calls stop after 1 or 2. One day, when I was answering the calls (see above), I received aver 15 calls in a 40 minute period.


No more landline but on my Google pixel it comes with spam blocker plus Tmobile has something also and something called Screen Call. I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize but they can leave a message but it tells the caller their being recorded. I can also read the message and if I want to answer it I can. This is the single best feature in my mind. 99% just hang up and go away then I can check a box to create it going to spam plus it gets reported. Nice.

@runnersmom I also would push the talk button and then hang up to stop the ringing! We have had the same landline phone number for over 30 years. When we moved locally 3.5 years ago, we had planned to drop the landline, but it was cheaper to keep it bundled in with our cable and internet, so we kept it. I actually prefer holding the landline phone when on long calls with my mother and other family members; friends use the cell.I also use the landline number when I have to leave a number where I don’t want them to have my cell. Home phone never gets answered unless I know the number; they can leave a message if important.

These robocalls are getting more creative to get people to answer. I showed 3 calls last week where the caller ID showed Healthcare, yet the message on the machine was for extended car warranties! :astonished: