Rochester or Fordham

<p>My D is trying to decide between U or Rochester or Fordham.
She will be out of the country the entire month of April so can
not visit and didn’t visit beforehand. Oddly enough she is drawn to both the open curriculum of UR and the strict core classes at Fordham. She wants a traditional
college campus experience with the opportunity to be involved in clubs and
intramural sports. She is undecided in her major but is leaning toward International Relations, Political Science and/or Women’s Studies.
Financial aid is similar for both.</p>

<p>Any help, thoughts, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Are you talking about Fordham's Rose Hill campus? If so, there may be the opportunity to have a traditional college campus experience; at Lincoln Center, not so much - New York City is the campus. She should check with how much activity actually goes on over the weekends on the Rose Hill campus - do kids take off into NYC or do they hang around? Are there lots of things to do? There are at Rochester.</p>

<p>I don't know much about Fordham's academics; my impression, based on nothing more than reputation, is that Rochester is more academically rigorous. </p>

<p>Rochester has a huge number of clubs available to students, as well as a small Greek life. Intramural sports are alive and well for those who want them. It is certainly a traditional campus experience; lots of stuff to do on the weekends, with most kids staying on campus. Its campus is also beautiful, even in the Rochester winters.</p>

<p>Rochester just instituted a new IR major, although those interested in IR were always able to cobble together the same courses; now it's just official.</p>

<p>If she can stand the weather, Rochester would be a great choice.</p>

<p>fordham definately</p>

<p>Thanks Chedva. Yes she was accepted to the Rose Hill Campus.
Winters are not problem, we are from Michigan and used to it. In fact
she loves winter sports. The main draw to FU is that it's in the city.
Coming from a rural farm town, that is appealing.</p>

<p>What is your reasoning griffon?</p>

<p>I might choose UR over Fordham, just because I suspect there are fewer commuter students. Rochester itself isn't much of a city, but the kids at UR seem terrific. Fordham seems like a "squished" Notre Dame and while the campus is great, the feel of a commuter school turned off my one S.</p>

<p>actually i dont know much about rochester but i am biased to fordham because of the beautiful rose hill campus, the friendly environment, the respected academics (especially in business), and of course the city itself... also the send out of grads to some great nyc jobs is pretty awesome...its a cool place and it stinks that she couldnt have visited</p>