Rock band as a EC?

<p>I was in two rock bands while in High School, one of which took up A LOT of my time. It is actually probably the biggest EC I have. Do you think that schools take this sort of thing seriously on an application? Do you think an admissions officer would go as far as to look up the names of my bands on youtube or google? I think it would be a plus if they did, because it would show just has passionate I was, but I just don't know if they would even give it a second thought. I also menitoned that we played a few shows for charity.</p>

<p>Adcoms watching a garage band on youtube....
Don't think so.
However, you can write a great essay about what your music means to you and your passion for playing.</p>

<p>I would mention it. Many colleges want casual/non-classical musicians. The concerts for charity thing is definitely great. List it as an EC, and if it fits, it could make a nice essay topic. I don't think they'll google it - they spend at maximum 15 minutes per application, and I've heard 5, so they won't have time to.</p>

<p>Well if allegations of admissions officers checking prospective students' facebooks are true, then why would it be so unlikely for them to check other information online?</p>

<p>Of course you should mention it! Would you leave out being the head of stage crew for two or three plays each year? Of course not. Rock bands count.</p>