Rockefeller PhD: What's it like?

<p>I posted this in the Biosciences Interview thread but it sort of got buried and felt it probably would work better as its own thread.</p>

<p>I applied for the 2010 biology PhD program at Rockefeller. My interests are in immunology, especially the regulation of the immune system. A grad student in the lab I currently work in says that Rockefeller has a reputation as a very cut-throat place for students. This is not really my style as I'm a very social, co-operative, non-competitive type person so I am a bit concerned about this characterization. Is there anyone on the board who is at Rockefeller now and can say a bit more about the school and its student experience?</p>

<p>I've been told that Charlie Rice's lab is incredibly competitive and cut throat, but I don't know if that's general for the entire program. I'm a little worried b/c I've applied there too and my PI is totally pushing me to go there if I get in but I'm a pretty chill, co-operative person as well.</p>

<p>I don't know anything about Rockefeller specifically, but I'd be very careful about believing there's a culture to an entire program. Once you're through your first year or two, you'll be in a lab full-time no matter where you are -- that's the culture that should concern you.</p>

<p>I also go to a place that's often reputed to be "cutthroat" and non-cooperative. I can't say I've noticed any general spirit of competition in my classmates, and I picked a lab that's incredibly collaborative and cooperative.</p>