Rocket Review Revolution anyone?

<p>I've heard great things about this book and would love to read through the thing. Trouble is I have exhausted all methods of getting a copy.</p>

<p>1) Amazon is ridiculously expensive</p>

<p>2) Checked two local libraries, none of them had a copy</p>

<p>3) Barnes and borders doesnt sell it.</p>

<p>Would anyone be willing to donate a copy to me? Perhaps other methods of getting a copy?</p>

<p>hey dude look at the used section of amazon if you havent already i bought a used one marked "like new" off a guy for 60 dollers</p>

<p>Try more libraries. Mines is relatively small and they had it.</p>

<p>I agree with the poster above me. The library I went to didn't have it but another library in the district did, so all I had to do was request it and wait a couple of days. Maybe you should do a catalog search if your library has a website (that's what I did). Good luck with getting the book.</p>

<p>^^ Thanks!!</p>

<p>I tried to buy a copy for my daughter at Amazon and yes, the 06-07 version was listed at almost $200 used! So I googled it and went back to Amazon and found the 05 version at $50. </p>

<p>My son checked out both versions from the library two years ago and thought they were practically the same. This book, however, is not available at most libraries anymore.</p>

<p>why not??????</p>