Rodney Hall

<p>The good and the not-so-great please! Any tips? D was assigned a single...</p>

<p>My daughter lived in Rodney B her freshman year in a double. Rodney is located in a spot that is close to most all the major class bulidings. You don't need to take a shuttle bus to get to most all of them (unless you have classes down by the stadium). There is a small fitness center next to the cafeteria at the entrance to the Rodney dorms and there is a small convenience store (owned by UD-like a WaWa) there as well. Rodney rooms are all air conditioned. The rooms are small but they all have windows. The floors are not carpeted (at least not as of 3 years ago). Once your daughter makes some friends on her floor she might find that having a single has its benefits. Many students, when they are not studying or sleeping, tend to leave their doors open for socializing when they are in their room. She can then socialize with her friends but can retire to her room (or just close her door) when she wants to study or go to sleep without having to be concerned about a roommate agreeing to this. A number of my daughters friends in singles found this to be the major benefit of being in a single room, you can still socialize but then have your privacy when you want it. There are train tracks right next to the Rodney Dorms. Occasionally at night trains will go by and blast their horns. This can be a little scary at first, but you get used to it (and it is infrequent). For what it is worth the Rodney dorms have a general reputation at UD as being the "party dorms" but I doubt anyone has ever done a study to really verify this. I would recommend flip-flops to use when going to the floor bathrooms/showers to decrease the risk for foot infections. This experience can be a little unnerving if you have never had to share these types of facilities in the past. Most students tend to find that one year of dorm life is enough and look for appartments or rooms in sororities. Hope this info is helpful. If you have any other specific questions about Rodney, please ask. My daughter would be glad to answer them. She is still at home waiting to start her nursing position at Cornell Medical Center in NYC in 9/10.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! D is working at a sleepaway camp - currently in a bunk overseeing 12 girls going into sixth grade. That's who she is sharing bathrooms/showers with this summer! Sounds like it will all work out in Rodney (even though she really wanted a roommate). I've heard it's really social - and she has no problem making friends. She won't be home till 8/22 (just a few days to get ready to go to Freshman Fest on 8/26), but I will certainly contact you again if we have any other questions.</p>

<p>Good luck to your D at Cornell Med Center!</p>