Role of the Counselor

<p>Hello everyone,
I am an international student in Canada, wanting to apply to universities in the states.
Unfortunately, the counselors in my school all are very unfamiliar with the common app. To add to that, I'm not an expert in it either. Would you guys mind listing and briefly describing the jobs/tasks that a counselor must do for my application? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>The counselor submits a form for you, similar to your teacher recommendations. It is called a School Report. The School Report form includes information about you and your school. The information about you relates to your disciplinary history, rank and GPA and the rigor of your courses. The information about your school puts all that in context by asking about the student body and curriculum offered. The School Report form is due on the same deadline as the rest of your common app. There are additional similar forms the counselor can submit after that first School Report to provide updates in your grades, schedule or other matters. The counselor often also submits your transcript(s), but those can also be sent directly by your registrar or other person at your school. Finally, the counselor submits a Final Report at the end of this school year once all your grades are in. The Final Report only goes to the one school where you have decided to enroll (plus anywhere you have chosen to remain on a waitlist.)</p>

<p>I would suggest for your counselor to do is to collect all recommendation letters, transcript, school report and GC rec to create a packet for you. He/she could send the same packet to every school you want to apply to.</p>