Role Of The Kings Pointer

<p>I understand that each of the mids must serve at sea on US Flagged vessels for a min number of hours to receive a CG license either as a 3rd Mate or 3rd Asst Eng. The state acad, such as Mass, Maine NY etc have vessels assigned where the mids or cadets do cruising. What is the role of the Kings Pointer? Is it strictly a training vessel for basic skills or can license hours be earned on this ship? And what is the diff in the hours earned at the state schools?</p>

<p>The Kings Pointer is a good lab at KP for basic skills and also for people in special circumstances to earn "sea days." Basically the KPer is used to for plebe overnight cruises as well as fall, spring, and summer break cruises. It is a good advertisement piece for the academy as well as a way to get people some time at sea. A good example of those in special circumstances are athletes who must "hold-over" to complete their sports season. I for example had to spend a few days on the KP'er to get sea days while soccer season was still going on. I also did a spring break trip one year to get some extra days.</p>

<p>License days are earned for each day spent on the KP'er in a "cadet" status and there is no difference in the days earned on the Kings Pointer vs the state ships.</p>

<p>Its a great opportunity for a plebe get-a-way as well. My kid sailed up to West Point & got his first taste of some 25 degree rolls. :) They were to dock & tour WP campus but a terrible storm forced them to just sail around for a few days. Another chance he had, was to go to CT for the week-end. They had a blast. The Kper was down in Charleston this summer with older Mids trying to capture some of those needed sea days. Plebes & Mids can sign up for trips. I think my kid said he got 10 sea days out of the two trips. Every little bit helps. </p>

<p>PHSNSI, has your state done Academy Day yet? SC had thiers yesterday I heard. The KP alumn that handles the KP table said they made the news. They only showed the KP table. LOL He was thrilled.</p>

<p>its a slave ship,,,didnt you know...</p>

<p>update on the Kings Pointer..... news from USMMA</p>

<p>USMMA's Role in War on Terror Exercise</p>

<p>9/8/2006 - *Terrorists threaten the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy’s training vessel, KINGS POINTER. A team of heavily armed commandos come to the rescue. Fact or fiction?</p>

<p>Fortunately, this compelling scenario is fiction, but with the taste of reality. The KINGS POINTER will serve as the platform for a mock terrorist attack on a maritime target, part of this month’s 2006 U.S. Maritime Security Conference and Expo.</p>

<p>This annual event, which the USMMA co-organizes and co-sponsors, takes place in New York City at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, Sept. 19-20. The mock assault on the KINGS POINTER happens on Sept. 18. Conference participants will be ferried from Manhattan to Kings Point to watch the action unfold.</p>

<p>Both the “terrorists” and the rescuers will come from Blackwater USA, one of the nation’s most respected security firms. The exercise will involve some 15 Blackwater personnel, two helicopters and two small craft. In addition, about five members of the Academy community will act in the exercise, posing as members of the training vessel’s crew.</p>

<p>The U.S. Maritime Security Conference and Expo has the reputation as the most important conference of its kind held on a yearly basis. The conference includes two days of plenary sessions, workshops, simulations and an exhibition.</p>

<p>The USMMA has played a key role in planning and staging this event since its inception five years ago. As in past years, Academy midshipmen will serve as interns, helping at the conference and staffing an Academy exhibit in the exposition area. Other midshipmen, faculty and staff will attend the discussions and workshops.</p>

<p>Since the tragic events of 9/11, the Academy has been deeply involved in the issue of maritime security. Members of its faculty, for instance, designed the model for a maritime security curriculum that is used at maritime educational institutions throughout the world. And the Academy’s Global and Maritime Transportation School (GMATS), a continuing education program, has provided security training to hundreds of government, Armed Forces and private firm personnel.</p>

<p>The USMMA, located in Kings Point, Long Island, New York, is part of the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation.*</p>

<p>its still a slave serious when ever you are on it you do manual labor</p>

<p>It is a slave ship, but when you need sea days any ship will do. And you need to learn to chip paint somewhere, because eventually you will be in charge of those guys. Or having to do it during your sea days anyway. The security exercise mentioned above is pretty cool to see. They really do storm the dang thing.</p>

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<p>He knows and he is no stranger to hard work.</p>

<p>KP10 forwarded some pictures of the Mock Terrorist Attack to us today and I down loaded them for your enjoyment. </p>

<p>Maybe he can share his experience with it when he has time. He wasn't a participant but was out on the water on the finish boat of this weekend's regatta when the action took place. </p>

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<p>Nice pics!</p>

<p>yeah those are awesome!</p>