Roll Tide War Eagle Documentary

<p>Tonight on ESPN – 7cst/8est – ESPN films presents Roll Tide War Eagle, documenting the sports rivalry between AU and UA. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, these documentaries are very well produced, and it should be pretty entertaining.</p>

<p>[ESPN</a> Films: Roll Tide War Eagle - ESPN](<a href=""></p>

<p>Oh yeah, War Eagle!</p>

<p>Way too much from Updyke in that documentary. The guy should be in jail, not making money out his childish acts. What's worse, it only takes one person like him to further advance any stereotypes about the people of Alabama.</p>

<p>I was surprised they had so much Updyke interview time -- though he certainly did himself no favors (the segment where he discusses his hats and the names of his kids was pretty nutty). Paul Feinbaum certainly characterized himself has the detached voice of sanity in a sea of wackos -- not sure that was accurate either. I have only listened to this guy's show twice (we can only pick up his broadcast via internet stream), but he's more of a "nonplussed agitator" than they portrayed.</p>

<p>I thought the show was just OK. It was not one of their better documentaries. I too was surprised at how someone who committed such a criminal act was given so much air time. What was up with the creepy guy playing the piano? That was just too wierd. As for Finebaum, he was also shown way too much. His show is too "Jerry Springer like" for my tastes. I wished they had done more with the history of the rivalry and some of it's important games. I'm from the midwest, but most people from Alabama felt like the show perpetuated the stereotypes of the south.</p>