Rolling admission

<p>Do you guys think I'll get my answer faster if I don't have to admit mid semster grades? I am talking about Cornell enigneering, which is rolling.</p>

<p>I'm sorry. I ment rolling admission notification.</p>

<p>What admissions notification exactly are you talking about? You will get an email with your pin after they processed your part one; other than that I can't recall any other sort of notification.</p>

<p>I'm talking about the actual decision. I'm sure you know that last here everynody got their decision at different times. I got the impression that the biggest delay was due to the fact Cornell waited to see mid semster or final grades.
BTW, good luck this year CNCL.</p>

<p>Email them at some point if you will not be in school for spring semester so they will be aware that you won't have a midterm report. And thanks, the same goes to you.</p>

<p>the first decission letter are mailed out 2-4 weeks after the deadline. i think you should get yours like 5-6 weeks after the deadline.</p>