Rolling Admissions Timeline?

<p>So I sent in my app on September 28. Unfortunately, my teacher was extremely late in getting in the recommendation. So late, in fact, that UMich had to email me to remind me.</p>

<p>I checked, and it finally got there last week some time. Seeing as they've probably already gone through my app, when should I get a decision?</p>

<p>Stats -
GPA (W) - 4.7
GPA (UW) - 3.9
SATI - 1460 (680V, 780M) (new score - 1520 (740V, 780M), but I don't think they'll see this one in time)
Chem - 800
Math2c - 800
Writing - 780 </p>

<p>Also, how many of you applied to the Residential College? This looked interesting, but I'm not sure of how competitive it is.</p>

<p>Your schools really should get its act together. At any rate, you are a 3.9 student with a 1460 on your SAT, so chances are, you will get in. But had your school done what's right, you would already have been accepted. You will most likely get in the honors program, which is amazing. The residential college is basically a LAC within the University. If you like a close knit feeling with a highly original and intellectual group, consider it seriously. Otherwise, consider the honors program.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot Alexandre.</p>

<p>How difficult is it to get accepted in to the Honors Program? Will I find out about this at the same time as my regular decision?</p>