rolling admissions?

<p>is West Point on rolling admissions? if so, does that mean that you get a better chance of being accepted if you turn in your application early?</p>

<p>Not really.</p>


<p>By that, I mean that WP evaluates applications on a rolling basis - but that you still need to get a nomination (which typically happens on a fairly fixed schedule).</p>

<p>However, all information, anecdotal and otherwise, suggests that the sooner you get your app in for review, the more favorable treatment it will receive.</p>

<p>"Your Candidate Questionnaire will be evaluated by the Admissions Office to determine whether or not you will be competitive for admission. If you are a competitive candidate, you will receive additional forms to complete. Fill out those forms as quickly as possible because West Point has a rolling admissions program. The Admissions Committee will only evaluate your application file when every requirement has been completed."
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<p>"A formal offer of admission is possible as early as November for fully qualified, outstanding candidates who have completed all admissions requirements and receive a nomination.
Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis with the majority of offers of admission announced by mid-April. Files not completed by the first Monday in March will be closed from further consideration. It is possible that a few candidates will not be notified of acceptance until shortly before entrance in June. Offers of admission are conditional from the time of offer to date of admission."
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<p>West Point has a sort of "rolling admissions" program, but only for the very best candidates. West Point can conditionally reserve 150 spaces for very highly qualified applicants each year, even before those candidates have nominations, etc. These are the "Letter of Assurance" you may hear about. You still have to ultimately pass all of the admission requirements.</p>

<p>Otherwise, you have to have a completed your admissions file and received a nomination in order to be considered for an offer of admission. Because very few congressmen send in their nominations until late December or even January, most students have to wait until January or later for offers.</p>

<p>wow, thanks a lot.</p>