Rolling Admissions

<p>So after going through the beast of the McGill website, I managed to find out that they have rolling admissions! Now what I want to know is how to take advantage of that in order to have the best shot of getting in for people for whom McGill is a reach or a match school. (Obviously if it's a safety, then there's no concern).</p>

<p>For example, if McGill is your top choice then you'd obviously want to send in your application as early as possible, but is there such a thing as "too early"? Like when they might set you aside because they are expecting better, stronger applicants at a later date? The deadline for U.S. applicants for the next fall term is sometime in January, but how many weeks or months before then do you recommend sending your materials? Does the school/college you're applying to also affect this decision?</p>

<p>Enlighten us prospective students on the strategy of applying with rolling admissions!</p>

<p>McGill has "modified" rolling admissions:
Admission</a> and entrance scholarship decision release dates
First term marks/grades from grade 12 are usually required. No decisions are released until late January. From looking at CC posters, it appears that if you are clearly admissible or clearly not admissible, you will get your decision sooner. If you are in the middle range of applicants, your decision won't be coming until late March and even then it may be "Waitlisted".</p>