Rolling admittance notifications?

<p>Does Cornell start reading the applications now and notify students on a rolling basis starting in Jan.? Or does it assign a notification date for all applicants and give the decisions then?
Also, how exactly do they notify? E-mail or just regular mail?</p>



<p>I don’t think Cornell does rolling admittance.</p>

<p>It does for certain schools, not for A&S and COE. A&S and COE need to ahere to Ivy´s notification guideline. I know of someone who received his admittance for Hotel in Feb.</p>

<p>Hotel, ILR and CALS do rolling admission on a very limited basis beginning in February. And if you don’t hear from those three schools until April 1, it doesn’t mean you will not be accepted. And it also has nothing to do with when they received your application. Most admittances from these three schools will still hear on the April deadline.</p>

<p>I applied College of Engineering as first choice and A&S as second. So no rolling for me for sure, if you guys are correct, thanks. Around April 1st, then.
What about e-mail notification? Does Cornell do that?</p>

<p>Also, what are ‘likely letters’?</p>


It’s basically a letter send to you before the decision date that you’re likely to be accepted unless you mess up big time at school. I think Cornell sends lots of likely letters, unlike HYP, which only send a few to recruited athletes and “academic superstars.”</p>