Rolling Boarding Schools

Hello! I was just researching and I was wondering if there are any boarding schools that are still taking applications?

go to boardingschoolreview dot com, and filter for rolling admissions schools. You will find some.

You can also go to the SAO page through and filter by “accepting applications now” or something like that. also will filter schools with openings. Not all schools fill completely at M10.

Just an FYI - after being WL everywhere on M10 my son applied to a great school with rolling admissions - he was admitted but the FA deadline was 2/1 so they have no FA for late admissions.


unfortunately, Plan B’s are hard for those needing FA for that very reason.

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I think his Plan As were hard this year for the same reason.

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yes - FA always throws a bit of a wrench in things. I think it made a huge difference in our DS results vs our DD

Berwick Academy is almost never mentioned on here (likely because it’s primarily a day school). They have rolling admissions. Might be too late for this year but something you could consider for next. They only offer boarding for boys (5 or 7 day) at this time and I would venture to guess, it’s a very different boarding situation than the other schools that are discussed here. It’s a small school (about 300+/- in the Upper School), very welcoming, strong academics, lots of clubs and an Innovation Center. You could take a look at the college matriculation list.

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