Rollins Class of 2022

Hey guys! I didn’t see a thread just for Rollins 2022 in general so I figured I’d start one :slight_smile:

What are your favorite things about Rollins?

@40flsunshine When I toured Rollins I really loved the architecture and the lake of course! The sushi bar seems really great also :wink: did you attend the scholarship weekend by chance?

I need the scholarship to commit but touring it really changed my mind…especially the past scholars I met and the faculty.

Yes, I did. I loved how passionate and driven all the students and faculty were.

I wonder when they will tell us the scholarship results.

Priscilla Parker Theatre scholarship awards are out. Not sure about the others.

That’s great @40flsunshine , I wonder if we met! :slight_smile: I’m super excited to find out about Alfond scholars! Hopefully it comes out before March 20th, I don’t think I can wait that long haha

@NashvilleAg when did those come out? They were at Rollins the same time as the Alfonds right?

Yes, they were at the Improv show with us.

I really hope they tell us soon!!!

I got the Alfond! Best of luck, everyone.

@tiredIBstudent yes, Priscilla and Alfond scholarships were same weekend. Received email on Tuesday (3/6).
My son is very excited about Rollins

@slaythedogma How did they tell you? Did they call or email you? Congrats!!!

@40flsunshine they called me!! I’m from India so I was the first one they called.

@slaythedogma Oh man! This is so nerve wrecking.

What do you want to study?

Has anyone received an invitation to join the Honors Program yet?

Congratulations from a Rollins alum! I graduated over 25 years ago now, but loved every minute of it.

I got an invitation for Honors on my portal

Does anyone else have updates on getting Alfond?