Rollins Class of 2023

Hello! My daughter applied Early Decision 1, so our decision date is no later than mid December. When we look back on social media, we see a lot of students (ED1) are notified over Thanksgiving break. We live in Florida and my daughter is very involved with the performing arts. Any other ED candidates out there?

My daughter applied regular decision but on the early deadline. I’ve been told mid-December. I wish it would be earlier; we really like Rollins. But her ability to go there is very dependent on the financial aid package they offer, including merit and possibly need-based aid.

Rollins does seem to give out great scholarships at acceptance. Hopefully we will both be posting good news by the end of this year.

Called admissions today and was told regular decision applicants will be notified February 15th. They said they will all be notified at the same date and if application was submitted by the scholarship deadline of Nov. 1st, the applicant will be eligible for all available scholarships and will be advised with admission letter.

My daughter received her acceptance letter and the Alonzo Scholarship. We are so excited! Good luck to everyone!

Congratulations to your daughter, AllieC! How was she informed?

Thank you! She found out through her Rollins application portal last Friday.

Congrats! Rollins is a wonderful place to spend 4 years!

My DD got an email to check her portal and she was accepted with a Dean’s Scholarship!

Same here. Yea!

I just saw, received one as well! Very excited, Rollins is a great school

Anyone knows when the Alfond invitations will be coming out? Or are they supposed to be part of the admission letters?

I am also interested in the Alfond invitations. It seems that last year they came out on the 15th of December. Good luck everyone!

Yes, admissions confirmed that Alfond invitations are going out this week - first by e-mail notification, then by mail.

Thank you for that update! I was worried that they were included in the acceptance and that DD wasn’t selected. Not that she HAS to be, of course, but that is the dream :slight_smile:

Received an invitation to the Scholars Weekend this morning!

That’s great for you, Miracles09!

Same here! Look forward to seeing you there

My daughter was invited! Thanks for letting us know to check the portal.

Do we know how many people are invited? I believe they give no more than 10 scholarships. Fingers crossed for us both.

Last year 55 were invited, while most years before were 40