Rollins College Honors Program

I’m looking for anyone who might have information on or experience with the Rollins College Honors Program. I’m trying to find out whether anyone other than Alfond Scholars finalists get admitted to the program? (They all seem to have such great scores and achievements that it would be difficult for others to compete.) What kind of stats (high school GPA/SAT) is the Honors committee looking for? I have seen posts indicating that a few potential students for the class of 2022 have already received invitations to the Honors program, and I know that at least one of them was an Alfond Scholarship finalist. Are all invitations sent out at once (suggesting that my child will not receive one), or do they get sent out piecemeal? Just trying to gauge the possibility that an invitation to join might still be forthcoming. Any insight is appreciated.

My son rec’d an invitation for the Honors Program on March 9. He was a Dean’s Scholar, but not in running for Alfond (3.8 unweighted/33 ACT). On the letter it said, “The Honors Advisory Council only considers students from the top ten percent of each entering class,” so I guess that’s their criteria.
Don’t know enough about it yet to know if he’ll want to do it. Good luck!

@NashvilleAg Thank you for the info. My daughter also received the Dean’s scholarship, but her test score ( by conversion, since she only took the SAT) is not as high as your son’s. GPA is comparable in a very rigorous curriculum She really wants to be in the program. Perhaps they will send more invitations if some of the existing invitations are declined (either because they decide not to attend Rollins or because they don’t want to participate in the program).

I received an invitation for the Honors Program on March 9th after being notified that I had not been selected for the Alfond Scholarship after competing at the end of February. I would make sure your child checks their portal just to make sure. Hope it works out for them!

@tiredIBstudent She has been checking her portal, but nothing new has come in. She is also a Tired IB Student! :slight_smile: Are you planning to attend Rollins, or are you still trying to decide?

@dqb26n still trying to decide! I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it right now with my current merit aid but I’m hoping that when financial aid comes out it’ll make the cost a bit more maneagable :slight_smile:

@dqb26n hi! I got the Alfond so I’ll be in Honors as well but from whoever I’ve spoken to, they say it’s possible to be invited to/apply for Honors at the end of freshman and sophomore year with good grades…so if the invitation doesn’t come now she still has a fair chance!

@tiredIBstudent Where have you decided to attend? And good luck on your IB exams these next weeks as well. My daughter is going through them as well!

I just got accepted with a dean’s scholarship, and I’m very excited! Would I have been notified in my acceptance in the portal if I was eligible for the Alfond or for the Honors College?