Rollins Scholars Weekend for future candidates

Hi everyone! When I was going to the Rollins scholars weekend, I was always unable to find information so I thought that this might help.

At rollins, the final invitees to the weekend are narrowed down within a few weeks. Initially, your admissions counselor (AO) will chose 400 applicants. Over the next few weeks these 400 applicants will be whittled down to about 80; these 80 people will receive the invitations in December(ish). The AO will select these 80 people mainly based on the essay. I say “Mainly” because people with 1200 SATS were at the weekend, but they wrote very compelling stories. These are essays that AOs will remember; for example, when I went to the weekend, my AO recognized my name and remembered my essay. At dinner, my amazing AO went around our dinner table and told us each what our essay topics were. So, essays are very important in order to be selected.

Here’s what happens on the weekend:
On the first day of the scholarship competition, you will arrive at 12pm and mingle at the lunch reception. At the reception, you will meet your fellow competition and current Alfond scholars. At 12:45, you will hear a speech and be excused from the reception. At 1:30, the 3 interviews will begin. They are listed here in no particular order:

Interview 1: Interview with a current professor.
Interview 2: Group interview with 3 other scholarship competitors and 4 current Alfond scholars. Think of it as a 4 v 4. One alfond scholar will ask a question and each potential alfond scholar will answer the question. This was (IMO) the most difficult part of the weekend.
Interview 3: Interview with a dean of admissions.
There is also a classroom experience that lasts for 50 minutes. 3 alfond scholars are in the room with you, taking notes on what you say. Don’t be afraid to speak up because that is exactly what Rollins is looking for.
Everyone who interviews is very nice, so don’t be nervous! Even the fellow competitors are kind! Also, all interviews end at 5:20pm.

After the competition is trivia, arguably the most competitive part of the night. It is incredibly fun and it supposedly doesn’t count towards scholarship consideration. There is also a hilarious improv show that is performed. Trust me, it is SUPER FUNNY!

You’ll ultimately end up settling in for the night at 9pm, but time flies by! In the morning, you all will check out at 8am, have breakfast, go on a school tour, and say goodbye to your new friends.

Good luck to everyone attending scholars weekend in future years :smiley:

PS: everyone gets an extra 5000 a year for attending the weekend, even if you don’t make the Alfond scholarship. 15 Alfond scholarships will be given.