Romani Jr is on the way

@doschicos. Very funny.! That gave me a good laugh ?.

@doschicos I love it
@droppedit that was LMP 3 weeks + 6 days. Little under 2 weeks DPO. I go in for my next blood test tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

@romanigypsyeyes Congratulations! Enjoy the moment. You are pregnant! Don’t stress too much about the numbers . The doctors will monitor and results will evolve and hopefully indicate all is well. Glad your husband will find out soon so he can know as well that he may be a father in April. Best of luck!

Oh, that’s good. You’re in the middle of the range for DPO. The exact magnitude isn’t hugely important because things are changing so fast right now … basically, if you’re off by a day or two the magnitude changes significantly (that’s why websites generally give a huge “acceptable” range" for HCG on a given DPO).

On the other hand, the doubling time is largely independent of the magnitude in this stage. That’s why it’s the critical value now. That indicates proper growth of your baby.

It may not seem like it but there’s a huge battle going on inside right now. Your body is saying, “I’m ending this cycle right now”, but the baby is implanted in the lining and sending out HCG to say, “no you’re not”. As it implants deeper and breaks through blood vessels for nutrients, your body says, “I’m going to clot this breach”, but the baby sends out an anticoagulant to stop that from happening.

By 10-12 weeks, the baby is basically in complete control of your hormones. That control ends in approximately 19 years :slight_smile:

@sevmom I’m actually remarkably not stressed. Even if something happens to this pregnancy, I know I can get pregnant - for sure - which is more than we knew a week ago.

I also think it hasn’t sunk in.

Too many people got invited to the dinner so I still am telling him Friday with the onesie and recording but we’re going to have a mini get together before dinner and do it then :).

Only in 19? :wink:

@romanigypsyeyes I am so happy for you! I didn’t meet my baby until she was 23 months old, but at the moment I first saw her, crying, pissy and stinky in a hotel room in China, I totally got it! And you and your Mr. will too. I am excited for you!

If it’s a boy and he is actually born on 4/20 (only 5% of babies are born on their due date), you can call him Blaze. Or Blaise.

And here come the “growing like a weed” puns!

1- funny enough, the place our friends picked for the Friday dinner surprise is called Blaze pizza. They didn’t know the due date so it was a coincidence but a hilarious one.

2- since Mr R and I are both 6’+, the growing like a weed puns will be accurate and funny.

3- just FWIW, we have our short list of names already picked. We’re leaving the sex a surprise and choosing gender neutral first names.

Hcg went from 49 to 181 in about 54 hours. I’m breathing a sigh of relief. :smile:

Wow wow wow!!!

So happy for you! Came here today just to check on you.

Romani, I am so, so happy for you. Can’t wait to hear how the reveal to Mr. R goes!

Great news!

Thank you all :smile: Quite ready to tell Mr R tomorrow! I’m really glad I waited until I had a few confirmations since he is convinced the infertility is his fault somehow. I think he would take a false positive or early miscarriage even harder than I would.


What wonderful news!

Wonder if we can get a CC Onsie for Baby Romani? ??

Yippee–the excitement continues & builds. What a great way to have a fabulous weekend!