Romani Jr is on the way

Wonder if we can get a CC Onsie for Baby Romani? ??

Yippee–the excitement continues & builds. What a great way to have a fabulous weekend!

Told Mr R. He was shocked and cried. He’s very very happy.

That’s great news, Romani. Does this mean your entire family knows now?

So nice to have some happy news in this world! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

@austinmshauri we’re going to tell my parents tonight. I was going to wait until I saw them in person but that’s too far away lol.

His siblings will learn tomorrow at the beginning of vacation and my sister already knows.

We’re not telling his parents for a while for reasons that I’d rather not get into on here.

Well, my mommy sobbed. When my sister was pregnant, my sister and parents weren’t on speaking terms so this will be the first grandchild pregnancy she gets to go through. Biology has never meant a thing to my mom, since she’s always treated my sister like she was her own, but this will be her first biological grandchild.

My dad was also very excited but had nothing on my mom haha.

Oh, they’re also very, very excited that the baby is getting mine/their last name. My in-laws are going to throw a fit over this.

So happy to hear all your good news! Obsessively tracking growth and predicting due dates is a lot of fun. I had twins the first time around, and was married to a radiology resident, so there was lots of ultrasound growth checking. Soon you’ll be into femur length and bipariatal diameter (across the head). Such an exciting time!

I’m just wondering why track it so much though? The tests won’t change that outcome.

So my current ultrasound schedule is looking something like this assuming everything looks healthy.

September 9 (week 8) viability scan and to make sure I don’t have more embryos than we want.

Ultrasound 2 - week 10-12
Ultrasound 3 - week 20
Beginning 3rd trimester, ultrasounds every 4 weeks with twice weekly fetal stress tests.

More if anything looks amiss. The multiple tests are because we went through infertility treatments, the two standard ones with my obgyn, and the third trimester ones with my MFM doc are because of the complications (especially to the heart) that can be caused by lupus and my SSA antibodies specifically).

I’m definitely having fun tracking things on a pregnancy app.

Romani, the second US is done at 11-14 weeks, with the corresponding bloodwork done at 10-12 weeks. Also are your providers planning fetal echos (a kind of specialized ultrasound) to monitor for congenital heart block every 1-2 weeks from 17-28 weeks?

@calgal I’m not sure. This was the plan giving to me by the MFM 2 years ago when I went for a consult. I have a preliminary obgyn phone call next week and then we’ll plan the next steps.

Def stay on top of your medical appts and schedule but also don’t forget to just “enjoy” the process! I know you have special health circumstances and also I’m guessing from what we “know” about you you tend to lean towards clinical action and research (nothing wrong with that) but do try and just savor the moments, weeks, months of growth - it can be amazing!

Oh @abasket trust me I am enjoying! I sound way more clinical on here than I am IRL.

I am having a ton of fun with this even if it’s early and tenuous.

You knocked it out of the park on that doubling time: 28 hours! Really strong growth and I imagine a little heartbeat has already started (or will start anytime now). I’m going to call it: a strong singleton PG that goes to term. I know it’s early but the numbers are very encouraging.

Have you been to a high risk OB, given your unique circumstances? I’d want to know what potential issues could arise and how to detect them early.

PS. I’m probably just paranoid. DW started bedrest at home at 17w following PPROM. Spent 11 weeks eating my cooking at home! Then “complete” placenta previa kicked in at 28w, so she spent 8 weeks in the antenatal ward at Northside in Atlanta before the c-section at around 36 weeks.

@droppedit there’s an advantage to working in reproductive justice at UMich - it’s a fairly small circle of us. One that I’m particularly close to is either the current or former head of the OBGYN department here and he was my pre-conception MFM doctor. About two years ago when we first started this process, we had probably a 3 hour meeting with him going over all the risks for the pregnancy and at the end said I should go for it if I wanted.

Now my obgyn is the fertility clinic doctor but I have a phone appointment on Tuesday to get a new high risk obgyn and mfm. (Friend doctor is already overloaded with things and saw me as a favor, not to be a regular doctor). There’s a few obgyns that specialize in rheumatic diseases including two that specifically work with the lupus clinic. I’m assuming I’ll go to one of them.

Once everything is a little more firm, I plan on working with the umich midwives. They are within the obgyn department and work closely with doctors but are also more typical midwives which I’d prefer when possible.

What lovely news. Good luck!

You can’t be at a better hospital system ?!

This is thrilling. Congrats, Romani!

Haven’t been on CC much since the redesign but so glad I checked in today to see your happy news, @romanigypsyeyes! Sending prayers/best wishes/good juju your way.